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About Us – The London Guitar Institute – London’s Renowned Guitar School For Adults

Stefan Joubert

The London Guitar Institute has been created as ” the place to FOR YOU to learn how to learn and master the guitar in the fastest, most effective manner, in Europe”.

Founded by a master musician, it’s specifically designed to help you learn REGARDLESS of your current musical abilities.

It’s designed to help you avoid the costly process of “trial and error” guitar lessons where you might learn something useful or just might not!

We are in both the West End and the heart of Fleet Street, only 5 minutes from Temple and Chancery Lane Stations.

Super convenient guitar instruction designed to help you make significant progress fast!

All levels are cordially invited to enjoy learning the guitar in a formidable setting with excellent guitar teachers.

View the benefits FOR YOU by learning with us versus learning with other schools/guitar teachers

Who is it for:

  • Absolute beginners who want to avoid wasting their money and time on bad guitar education
  • Intermediate players looking to improve their playing
  • Advanced guitarists who are looking for that edge in their own playing. That little extra push that will turn you from being a good guitarist into an great one!

What can you expect:
  • World class guitar instruction
  • Periodic musical evenings
  • Personal motivation to help your state of mind (80% of your guitar playing is about your motivation levels)
  • Fast improvement (in comparison with other lessons)
  • Guitar coaching – caring for your entire progress and measuring the results

Which styles of guitar are taught at the institute?
  • Acoustic guitar
  • Rock guitar
  • Blues guitar
  • Classical guitar (traditional classical)
  • Spanish guitar
  • Jazz guitar
  • Heavy metal guitar
  • Most modern styles