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The guitar is a classic instrument that can’t be beaten for its versatile sound that will bring so much pleasure both to the person playing and those listening. Whether you’re looking to explore its depths as a solo instrument or use it as accompaniment for singing, you’ll get so much out of learning to master the guitar.

Learning an instrument is both magical and rewarding, but can also be incredibly frustrating at times! That’s why, whether you’re a complete beginner or someone who already has some experience, it’s in your best interests to learn from a skilled and supportive teacher such as Stefan Joubert.

A personalised learning program will be created so that you can become the best guitar player possible, whilst also having a lot of fun doing it!

Learn in a group or one-to-one in Kensington

Whether you feel more comfortable learning on a one-to-one basis with the full attention of your teacher or would like to learn within a group setting, there are lessons available to suit you.

Learning in a group can be a very motivating environment that helps to develop improvisation and rhythmic knowledge. It also gives the chance to meet like-minded folk who are at a similar level to you and you often learn a great deal from seeing others being taught and listening to them play. We have a variety of group guitar lessons available in Kensington, full details can be found here.

Learn to play with passion

Stefan Joubert is a master guitar tutor who will help you to build your guitar playing, not only with skill and technique but also with passion – the vital ingredient for mastering any instrument.

Lessons are structured yet relaxed and create the perfect environment for learning with motivation and enjoyment. Each lesson will be tailored to suit your level and progress, ensuring that you are building a solid foundation quickly so that you are able to develop the freedom to connect to the music and really play with feeling.

Guitar genres to suit everyone

Whether you’d like to learn the essentials of the acoustic guitar or want to get your teeth into a bit of blues, Stefan Joubert will be able to guide you with skill and enthusiasm.

Some potential guitar genres are:

Classical guitar lessons Kensington

Stefan is a master classical guitar player, he competed and performed around the world. In these classical guitar lessons, he will help you to develop a deep understanding of the guitar and build the incredible skill and technique required.

Rock guitar lessons Kensington

The rock guitar is such a classic symbol of the instrument, with big names such as Brian May and Mark Knopfler adored by many. Discover the secrets behind playing such mind-blowing rock guitar with lessons in Kensington with Stefan.

Other possible genres for you to concentrate on or experiment with are: Jazz guitar, Acoustic guitar, Blues guitar, Metal guitar, or Bass Guitar.

Practice and perform

Stefan has a large network of guitar enthusiasts just like yourself who are at different stages in their learning and are concentrating on different areas of guitar playing. One of the most beneficial things you can do is to play with and perform in front of others to build confidence. Stefan organises many performing opportunities for this.

Great guitar tuition for great progress

Learn guitar with the best guitar lessons London has to offer, centrally located in the stunning surroundings of Mayfair, only a 5-minute taxi ride from Kensington SW7.

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