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Helpful tips

Booking guitar lessons in Mayfair doesn’t automatically mean that you are going to turn into Frank Gambale. (However with enough dedication, belief and enthusiasm you just might!)

Some people pick up the guitar and learn really fast but for others, it can take a lot of time and effort. In fact, learning the guitar to a high standard can be a really long process however it is certainly worth it in the end.

So, you have your guitar lessons in London West One booked and you are all set to embark on an exciting and rewarding hobby. The key to learning the guitar is to get the most from your guitar lessons and we have some great tips to ensure that you boost your progress as much as possible.

Quality Is Better Than Quantity

The main thing about taking guitar lessons in Mayfair is that you don’t focus on the amount of lessons you get rather it is the quality of the teaching.

This also goes for practicing in your own time. 3 hours of focused practicing a week with no distractions is far better than 10 hours of unfocused learning when you are trying to do two things at once. Similarly, 3 quality lessons are better than 10 lessons where you aren’t attentive.

Ditch your phone and turn the TV off and focus solely on practicing the guitar – you’ll be amazed how much better you will get without anything to distract you.

Set Out What You Want To Accomplish

Rather than turning up to your guitar lessons in Mayfair thinking that the guitar teacher will do everything for you, come with some things that you want to work on.

The advantage of having a guitar tutor in W1 is that you have access to expert help who can point you in the right direction of how to improve. The key to getting the most out of your guitar lessons is to also come prepared with specific things you want to work on.

Obviously keep this in reason however by thinking about what you want to achieve from the lesson and communicating this to your tutor will leave you far more satisfied with the end result.

Keep A Practice Log

Even though you have invested in guitar lessons in Mayfair W1 you still need to do some self-practice. Remember when we mentioned above about quality being better than quantity well that is true but also keep a practice log.
Jot down things that you found difficult when playing the guitar on your own. You find out far more about your level of ability when you don’t have an experienced guitar tutor there to guide you.

This is a good idea because it ties in with our second point – let you guitar teacher in Mayfair know what you are having trouble with.

Even if you have mastered the basics of the guitar you will probably still need lessons to take you to the next level.
The key to learning the guitar is not only to practice on your own but take some action to make your lessons worthwhile. Learning this instrument can be tricky and a lot of people give up but with quality lessons, self-study and commitment there is no reason you can’t succeed.

Rock Guitar Player

So you can play the chords and you have a good understanding of the basics of playing the guitar.


The problem is that when many people learn the fundamentals they think that they don’t need guitar lessons in Mayfair anymore. This couldn’t be further from the truth.
The reality is that most people aren’t as good at the guitar as the think they are. While you may be able to impress your family and friends with your new found skills, what about other people?

What do you do when you get frustrated with your development?

We want to show you why you still need guitar lessons in SW1 even if you have the basics covered.

Sustain Your Progress

The worst thing you can do once you get the essentials of learning the guitar nailed down is to think that you have suddenly transformed into Scott Henderson. The reality is that you haven’t.
You can always get better. The reason for persisting with a guitar tutor in Mayfair is to not only move to a more advanced level but to also sustain the progress that you have made.
Simply giving up your lessons once you can play a simple song on the guitar means that you will just need to start all over again when you have forgotten everything.

Specialise In One Genre

The beauty of the guitar is that there are so many different styles and genres.

From acoustic to punk and all the way to blues, there are so many styles that you can choose. Maybe you want to be a bit of an all-rounder or maybe you want to focus yourself on one type of music?
Continuing with your guitar lessons in Mayfair W1 means that you can take your knowledge and skills to the next level and really start to master one particular style of guitar music.

The Guitar Can Be Incredibly Frustrating

Even though you have got some valuable help and advice from a guitar teacher in Mayfair the instrument is still incredibly frustrating at times.

You will want to give up and you will want to smash your instrument against the wall but all this frustration can be reduced by continuing with your guitar lessons.

As a learner you might have come on leaps and bounds however simply giving up your lessons will see your progress either halted or reversed. A guitar tutor can help you sustain your current level and allow you to move onto the next stage.

Remember that you don’t know it all.

There is a major difference between playing some chords on your own and actually being able to play the guitar properly. With regular guitar lessons in Mayfair and an experienced teacher there for support, you will be able to take your skills to another level.

Even if you didn’t pick up a guitar until you were 60 it is never too late to learn and by continuing with your guitar lessons you can go as far as you want.

Adult Guitarist

In my private teaching, I often come across many adults who are simply passionate about learning how to play the guitar.

Despite the fact that they have to work long hours in stressful and demanding jobs, passionate adult guitar students always find a way to practice.

This is one of the reasons why I love teaching adults.

Adults make a tremendous effort and spent an enormous amount of energy on a weekly basis to master and practice their instrument.

The most incredible thing is, adults who play the guitar for their pleasure can often with enough practice (eventually) become professional guitarists.

It might take longer due to the limited amount of practice time that is available, but with dedication and persistence some adult learners do become professional!

So I would like to encourage you – if you are learning the guitar as an adult, to persevere and persist with your practice.

Your payback time is coming…

Yes, it may be a few years before you can achieve the sound and quality of playing that you hope to achieve, but it is well with the journey.

I would also like to encourage you to work alongside a guitar mentor/teacher who genuinely cares about your progress.

I have the greatest respect for you if you study the guitar whilst maintaining a demanding and successful career.

It goes to show that absolutely anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

May your efforts be well rewarded!


Man-strugglingYou may have been playing the guitar for a number of years, but you still feel that your progress is too slow, and in fact you feel as if you are not going anywhere.

The good news is that this is quite common and the great news is that there is a solution to your problem.


Please do remember that I am generalising this article and that obviously your situation may be different.

But what I have seen from past experience is that most guitar learners who are practising the guitar are not making progress, primarily due to the way they practice the guitar.

You are most probably playing along to your favourite recording, trying to jam guitar riffs and songs.

While these activities in and of themselves is actually beneficial, that cannot be your main method of practising the guitar.

You need to have a structured, methodical approach when practising your guitar.


The first step towards success in your guitar playing is to recognise the fact that you need to have a great guitar instructor or mentor.

You need to find somebody who can help you get past the issues you are facing.

If you are unable to afford the services of a great instructor, then you will need to be that instructor for yourself. It is possible, but it is a lot harder.

Alongside your guitar instructor/mentor, you should fix most of your problems If you are serious about practising correctly and you work assiduously towards your goals.


The way to practice correctly is to have a structured approach. You need to do the same thing day in and day out.

There are many different ways of practising, I suggest the following:

Start out by practising your right hand technique.

After that work on your left hand.

After you have done that, you may synchronise both hands.

Now you have covered both hands. You have dealt with the technical side of playing the guitar.

Your next problem is knowledge.

I suggest a clear, step-by-step approach on working to memorise the guitar fretboard.

In this area you can practice arpeggios, scales and modes across the guitar neck anchoring it to the root notes.

I cannot give you specific arpeggio or scale to practice as that will depend on what you know already, or where you are in your guitar journey.

After you have fixed some of your knowledge issues, it is time to work on your improvisation.

Have structured and disciplined exercises to improvise along with.

Practice specific issues around The subject of improvisation. Focus on areas that you struggle with. Focus on fixing problem areas.

When just starting out, you can simply take a minor pentatonic scale and practice in a freestyle by just jamming in and out of the different different box positions.

If you are a more mature guitarist, you will need to work on selecting notes against the harmony in order to produce the most advantageous sound.

If you are a professional guitarist, you can work on something like giant steps throughout all 12 keys. Because of the symmetrical nature of the composition, you will practice all 12 keys a few times through!

The key here is to have a structure and you see the keyword that just keeps coming back – ‘structure’.

If you simply operate out of jamming and playing along with the riffs, don’t expect to develop great guitar playing. At best you will get a so-so level of guitar playing.


Firstly start studying with a guitar mentor that works well with your personality. Don’t just select any guitar mentor – select someone that you can actually get along well with.

If you cannot afford a guitar mentor, you will seriously need to become your own mentor – unfortunately this is very difficult to do. (If you are passionate you will find a way. If you are privileged to live in a beautiful country such as the United Kingdom, there is really no excuse.)

Make sure your guitar mentor understands structure and discipline.

Study on a weekly basis or a daily basis alongside your mentor and practice in a disciplined approach.

If you do this, it will only be a matter of time before you will become the guitarist you have always dreamed of becoming!

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