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Correspondence guitar lessons with our master guitar instructor Stefan Joubert

Are you passionate about learning the guitar, but you just don’t have the time or the flexibility to commit to regular private guitar lessons?

With correspondence guitar lessons, you can take your lessons with you wherever you are. Regardless of whether you are in need of a last-minute meeting in New York or have to go to an urgent business trip to Paris to settle the last negotiations for a corporate deal. With a busy life and no planning you can actually ruin your entire creative side. Most busy professionals regret terribly at the handsome price they’ve paid to have an excellent career without much thought for their own pleasure.

By studying the guitar via correspondence, you definitely get the best of both worlds. Your intellectual side gets developed by professional requirements and your artistic/creative side gets developed with your correspondence guitar classes!

Stèfan Joubert is a master teacher who will help you learn the guitar much faster than you can imagine with your local teacher. You will also learn the nature of the guitar (how it works, how chords are formed, how scales co-exist on the fretboard).
This knowledge that will be imparted by a master musician will help you become a much better guitarist faster than you can dream!
It takes a lot of work, but with a great mentor the road is so much easier!

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