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At The London Guitar Institute, we wish you to benefit from the most excellent electric guitar lessons for adults available in London and the United Kingdom. Whether you have never played the guitar before or whether you are a proficient electric guitarist, we want you to enjoy your electric guitar lessons thoroughly and have a memorable experience at our lovely premises in the City of London.

Hands on electric guitar

Based on passion and excellence, our electric guitar lessons please hundreds of electric guitarists who have either joined the London Guitar Institute to learn the basics or improve their skills with an outstanding guitar instructor. We genuinely care about your progress and enjoyment throughout your guitar education. Hence, we always ensure that your lessons are provided in a non-judgmental and relaxed atmosphere that allows you to make progress without every being patronised or criticised negatively.

Rival with Jimmy Page, Slash and Brian May

At The London Guitar Institute, we strictly work with highly qualified and experienced guitar instructors who possess the right set of skills to transform your guitar playing and support you in your endeavour of becoming a brilliant guitarist. Thanks to their remarkable expertise, they will know how to help you resolve any technical difficulty, improve your solos and understanding of the instrument. You will surely be pleasantly surprised by your remarkable progress made regularly.

  • Learn how to pick at lighting speed and improve the dexterity of your left hand
  • Study with your favourite solos and learn how to master the instrument
  • Enhance your understanding of the guitar neck
  • Benefit from the advice of an expert and develop a solid practice routine
  • Play your favourite solos while improving your overall electric guitar playing

Mastering the electric guitar is no mystery if studied with a brilliant guitar instructor. We are proud to provide with exceptional electric guitar lessons that will offer you the guidance needed to succeed and help you become a fantastic guitarist. At The London Guitar Institute, our electric guitar lessons take place weekly on a set day and time, and our courses can be joined at any time during the year.

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