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Acoustic Guitar Lessons London

Acoustic Guitar Lessons London – learn how to play this beautiful instrument with an instructor who is recognised as a virtuoso musician worldwide!

Get expert input from a master guitarist.

If you’ve always wanted to learn your favourite songs – whether it’s pop, rock, blues, jazz, soul, spanish and other stylistic songs, you’ve just reached the best place to learn how to play the acoustic guitar!

did you know that there is a definite science behind playing the guitar?

the guitar has 21 frets and six strings and many patterns!

You need the knowledge of Stefan Joubert to help you unravel intricate secrets AND NEVER SEEN BEFORE marvels of the guitar!

Let this guitar virtuoso help you master the acoustic guitar!

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Stefan Joubert promises to give you the best quality and highest level of acoustic guitar lessons in London!

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Stefan Joubert

Your Patient and Friendly Guitar Teacher – Virtuoso Guitarist – Stefan Joubert

Our head guitar teacher Stefan Joubert is a top-notch guitarist who will teach you how to play the guitar in the most effective method possible. You will be hard-pressed to find a similar quality guitar teacher in Europe. He loves teaching beginners and although it might be hard to believe, it is incredibly patient and extremely friendly!

Classes take place at our private guitar studio in EC2 near Liverpool and Old Street stations. All levels (beginners to advanced) are accepted and welcomed into our private guitar programs.

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