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Group Guitar Lessons London

Students learning to play guitar in a group format

Did you know that learning how to play the guitar in a group in London is a brilliant and fun way of learning to play the guitar?

The guitar has always been an instrument that thrived in a group setting!

Think of your favourite bands!

The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Muse, Cream, Oasis, Radiohead and Metallica all have guitars played in harmony in a group format!

That is why learning guitar in a group is so exciting!

You are actually preparing for the very purposes of this wonderful instrument.

That purposes is playing with others.

In harmony, in time.

It is a fact that one-to-one guitar lessons is usually the prefered, but that does not mean it is a better way to learn.

Here are some pertinent reasons why you should join a group guitar class with The London Guitar Institute:

  1. You get to play with others from the first lesson and develop your ‘band skills’. Obviously this is super essential if you plan to play with other musicians.

You also get used to the idea of performing in front of others. So in essence, you are training your ‘live performance’ skills in each and every group guitar lesson!
  2. It is more economical. One-to-one lessons require the sole input of your instructor and is definitely more expensive than group lessons. In a group format the cost of tuition is shared between participants and you get really good value!
  3. You get the same individual attention as one-to-one lessons. At The London Guitar Institute, we specifically go out of our way to make sure that you develop properly during your group guitar lesson. We will give you individual attention where needed!
  4. You will learn from your fellow colleagues in the group guitar class. If someone makes a mistake, then you will learn from that mistake simply by observation.

The greatest breakthroughs often occur in small groups where you can pick up little things here and there from everyone!
  5. From the word go, you get to learn the songs you love! In a one-to-one setting we often work more on technique and the internal structure of music. In a group setting, we also work on technique, but we get to playing the songs you love so much quicker! That is probably the reason you want to learn how to play the guitar in the first place!
  6. In a group you can make more mistakes! In a one-to-one setting you want to show your teacher how perfect you play. This can actually hold you back. When you learn to play the guitar, you have to experiment and make mistakes. It is just part of learning. It is a lot easier to try new things in a group and you will enjoy immense freedom from learning with others in a group setting.
  7. You can meet new and interesting people who can inspire your guitar playing! After the lessons, you can go out and socialise and talk about your progress! It is a lot of fun!
  8. Your ear will really develop during your group guitar lessons. It is so important to use your ear whilst learning with others in a group format. You need to listen in order to strum in time or play a blues lick with the correct phrasing. 

The group format kind of forces this. In a one-to-one setting, others are not depending upon your accompaniment. In a group setting, they may be!

So you really, really learn to listen.

This is extremely important for your musical development.
  9. Group guitar lessons is also amazing for developing improvisation. During your group guitar class, you will learn how to improvise using the minor pentatonic and blues scale. In addition to this, you will also learn how to use some of the modes of the major scale. 

The group structure is just a fantastic place to develop improvisation.

To improvise on the guitar, you need knowledge (lines, licks, scales and arpeggios) and a science lab to experiment on. 

This science lab is playing with other musicians.

That is exactly what you will do during your group guitar lessons!
  10. You get to know music theory! Music theory is very important for songwriting and accompaniment as well as lead guitar.

If you know your theory, you can do so much more!

During your group lessons in London, you will learn all the important bits of music theory that will help you achieve your goals as a guitar player. 

Also, you get to learn music theory in a way that is accessible, fun and NOT boring! (That is the way music theory should be taught!)

So in a nutshell, group guitar lessons are an amazing way to learn how to play the guitar in London today!

You get to meet new acquaintances and make lots of friends!

Your lessons will take place in a positive and creative atmosphere, specifically designed for adults to learn how to play the guitar.

You can choose between group guitar lessons in the City of London and Mayfair.

It is important to learn the guitar with excellent teachers.

At The London Guitar Institute, we have outstanding guitar teachers who specialise in adult guitar education.

During your group guitar course, you can relax knowing that your guitar education is being taken care of.

You will learn the structure and nature of the guitar and learn how to play with others in a group setting.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about our group guitar courses:

When and where do the group guitar lessons take place?

The group guitar lessons take place at:

21 Fleet Street, London EC4Y 1AA. (Note: visits are by appointment only!)

Please click here to view a map to the premises.

Group guitar lessons currently take place at the following times:

Tuesday 18:30 – intermediate group
Wednesday 19:30 – beginner group
Monday 18:00 – beginner group
Saturday 12:00 – beginner group

What is the cost of joining a group class?

The monthly fee is £155 and you will receive 4 lessons of 60 minutes each and every month.

We have a once-off registration fee to join of £55 payable prior to starting your course.

The registration fee covers all the administration around your course as well as arranging of concerts and student events.

There is a minimum commitment of three months when you join a group.

The groups run on a continual basis and we need a calendar month’s notice prior to stopping your course.

You may change your course to a one-to-one guitar course with a calendar month’s notice.

How much can I expect to learn in the group guitar classes?

Truthfully, it will depends upon your own private practice and prior musical experience.

If you have never touched an instrument before, you do need to be realistic about your progress.

We need to lay a strong musical foundation first!

Most guitar students become reasonably proficient at playing the guitar after a period of 6 to 12 months.

It takes time to learn how to play properly and at The London Guitar Institute we will always teach you how to play with the correct methodology, technique and sound.

Good habits take long to form, but once formed they last a lifetime!

To play a song and strum some chords can be achieved within 2 to 3 months if you practice.

To improvise and move to more advanced techniques will usually take between 6 to 12 months.

We wish we could make you learn faster, but it does take time and effort!

Do you offer student discounts?

We unfortunately do not offer student discounts.

Can I make a class up if I cannot attend?

Yes, you can always join another group class on the condition that you ask your teacher prior to doing so. (We have to make sure there is enough space)

We allow two lessons to be made up per quarter.

If you need more due to exceptional circumstances, please discuss this prior to joining your guitar course so that we can plan for you.

Do I need a guitar prior to joining?

You will need a guitar to practice, but you can join without having a guitar yet.

Once you start, you will need to buy a guitar.

To use one of our guitars during your lesson, please do discuss with us so that we can arrange it for you.

If you want to rent an acoustic guitar from us, you can do so from £15 per calendar month.

Alternatively we can supply you with a recommended list of guitars that you can purchase.

Join today

How to enrol in a group guitar class with The London Guitar Institute

To join a group guitar class with The London Guitar Institute, simply send an email to our manager (and master instructor) Stefan Joubert at

Please do inform Stefan about your current guitar level and he will reply back with options for you to study in.

The fees for the group guitar classes are:

£155 per calendar month course fee. You will receive 4 x 60 minutes on aggregate per calendar month.
There is also a one-time registration fee os £55 payable upon joining a group guitar class.

You can also contact us via our group guitar course contact form:

Group Guitar Course Enquiry
We promise a prompt and personal reply to your enquiry. We always aim, where possible to respond to you on the same working day.