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Online Guitar Lessons With Stefan Joubert

Master Guitarist Stefan Joubert

During the past ten years, we have witnessed an incredible development of the technology that has opened doors and facilitate communication tremendously between individuals.

Connections are now much easier to make. The ability to be in touch instantly with people who live on the other side of the globe has given us a much broader opportunity to gain knowledge and access a higher level of education.

It is interesting to note that the new technology is used daily by multi-national companies but is sadly often disregarded by individuals who seek a top education. We believe that it is probably due to traditions that potential students and teachers have difficulty to break. Some still, unfortunately, believe that their instructor must be present physically to be able to offer an excellent education.

Do individuals who are sceptical about online guitar lessons have tried it before stating that it cannot work? Probably not.

At The London Guitar Institute, we count a large number of guitar enthusiasts who use to have in-person lessons and who, thanks to an open mind, have tried to attend without being in the same location as their instructor. They are all delighted with their progress and tend to enjoy their online guitar lessons even more!

It is such a success that we greatly encourage all guitar enthusiasts to share the experience of fellow guitarists:

  1. They do not need to commute and carry their heavy instrument to the guitar studio of their instructor.
  2. They can learn from the comfort of their residence.
  3. They can warm-up until the lesson starts.
  4. They are able to revise what they have learnt as soon as the session ends.
  5. More importantly, they can study with a top-notch instructor without being limited to their local instructor and possibly suffer from a poor guitar education.

We must be honest: Taking online guitar lessons is a wonderful way to learn the guitar! (And, yes it is convenient!)

Stefan Joubert

Stefan Joubert Performing!

If you have the opportunity to study with a master guitarist regardless of where you reside in the world, it should not be overlooked. On the contrary, it should be seriously considered!

Both amateur and professional guitarists, who are eager to improve their guitar playing, will be delighted to take online guitar lessons with Stefan Joubert, founder and director of The London Guitar Institute.

Unfortunately, some avid guitarists do not recognise this unique opportunity presented to them, and tend to believe that all guitar teachers are similar. They sadly think that studying with one or another will make no difference at all.

If it is your belief, please accept my sincerest apologies, but you are wrong.

Various ingredients make a sensational guitar instructor, and all of them are rarely found in one individual.

Well, Stefan Joubert possesses all the necessary skills that a guitar teacher should have to provide an exceptional guitar education that will undoubtedly transform your guitar playing.

Stefan Joubert is a master guitarist with a unique background. He started to play the guitar at 12 years old. In only a few years, he became one of the top guitarists of his generation in classical, jazz, acoustic and electric guitar. His enormous talent, envious passion for practising and incredible wish to reach the stars have undoubtedly played a significant role in his enormous success.

You might think that there are other brilliant guitarists around the world. Sure! You are absolutely right! But how many have decided to dedicate their career to educate others instead of shining themselves — not many.

It is rare to find a master guitarist who has such a passion for teaching and an exceptional talent for passing his knowledge on to his pupils.

Stefan Joubert teaching Julien at the guitar workshop

Stefan Joubert teaching Julien at the guitar workshop

Stefan Joubert has stopped his brilliant career as a concert guitarist in 2006 to devote his precious time to adult guitarists who are serious about improving their guitar skills. He has been teaching for years at our lovely premises in the City of London before moving to Dubai, where he has founded The Dubai Guitar Institute.

After reading about this exceptional man, you will not be surprised that all his guitar pupils continue their education with him online, using software such as Skype, Facetime or Zoom.

The distance has not stopped his students and they continue to enhance their playing by benefiting from online guitar lessons with Stefan.

If you can have an earnest conversation over a long-distance call, why couldn’t you attend guitar lessons online?

On top of knowing the guitar inside out, Stefan Joubert is also a dedicated guitar teacher who, week upon week, closely follows the progress of each of his students. He is never distracted by external professional commitments and focus entirely on the development and results achieved by his pupils.

He is a real master teacher as we rarely meet nowadays. Guitarists usually tend to be quite peripatetic. It leads them to divide their time between various commitments that typically take their attention away from their students. Stefan Joubert only focuses on educating his students and make them all become the best guitarists they can be.

The first factor that always impresses Stefan Joubert’s new students is the ability to figure out straight away what their strengths and weaknesses are. In a few minutes only, he can understand who you are and what you need, and immediately know which route should be taken to solve your issues and build on your strengths.

Thanks to his tremendous experience in guitar education, Stefan also has the fantastic ability to understand your personality and he knows how to approach your instruction in a way that produces the maximum result in the shortest period of time.

Stefan Joubert teaching improvisation

Stefan Joubert teaching improvisation

In addition to having a passion for teaching, Stefan Joubert is fascinated by the nature of the guitar. He has spent countless hours unlocking the fretboard and analysing the instrument to discover the most logical ways to use it adequately, whatever the piece at hand!

Stefan Joubert could be called a “guitar magician” as his ability to transform your guitar playing, whatever your current level or ability, has so far been unprecedented. His care and devotion to your success will surely impress you, and you can be assured, as long as you follow his advice, to make extraordinary progress in a short period.

Stefan Joubert’s online guitar lessons are available to both amateur and professional guitarists. They usually take place weekly on a set day and time, but more sessions can be arranged if need be.

In addition to attending your online guitar lessons, you are also welcome to visit Stefan either in London or Dubai and have a few lessons in person during the year.

If you are still unsure of the benefits of online guitar lessons and doubt that the technology is advanced enough to support it, why do not you give it a try and see with your own eyes that there is absolutely no difference at all ; provided that you have a strong internet connection, of course!

As Stefan Joubert’s online guitar lessons can be joined at any time during the year, we cordially invite you to contact him as soon as you are ready at He will surely be delighted to hear from you.

Please note that Stefan does not require his students to have achieved a specific level of guitar playing before joining his online guitar lessons and that you are most welcome even if you are a complete beginner.

Do not worry about not being talented enough as his passion for teaching and dedication to his students goes beyond abilities, potential and culture.

Stefan Joubert aims to help you become the brilliant guitarist you have ever wanted to be whatever your background and future goals!