The shocking truth told at last – 90% chance of failure… Unless you study with a great guitar teacher


Finally, you can discover the shocking truth. 90% Of all new learners fail to achieve their goals. The reason for this is sub-par guitar tuition! That is why you can not allow this to happen to you. The guitar mentor you select for your weekly guitar lessons will have a lasting impact for the rest of your life that. You simply cannot take things lightly. You do not want to learn bad technique and have to relearn the guitar. That is effort time and money lost. Save money, save time and learn with the best from day one! You can take [...]

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Why you need to just get started to become a successful guitarist!


Life happens to all of us... We all experience a fast pace, way-too-busy form of existence, ESPECIALLY if we life in London! The secret is not to let that phase you! You need to take control of things that matter to you. Things like seriously improving your guitar playing. Every day that goes by without you practising and developing your musicality, is simply another wasted day. Being passionate is VERY very important and that is why you have to get started today and FINALLY become the guitarist that you deserve to be! You really do not want 5 years to pass [...]

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Tips to get the most from your guitar lessons


Booking guitar lessons in London doesn’t automatically mean that you are going to turn into Frank Gambale. (However, with enough dedication, belief and enthusiasm you just might!) Some people pick up the guitar and learn really fast but for others, it can take a lot of time and effort. In fact, learning the guitar to a high standard can be a really long process however it is certainly worth it in the end. So, you have your guitar lessons in London booked and you are all set to embark on an exciting and rewarding hobby. The key to learning the guitar [...]

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Your guitar instructor: Stefan Joubert


Master Guitar Instructor: Internationally Renowned Guitar Virtuoso, Stefan Joubert Stefan Joubert started learning the guitar at an early age. He originally started learning blues and rock to emulate his favourite guitarists. At high school, he formed, played and sang in a couple of rock/pop bands at private parties and functions. He also started writing meaningful songs and recorded his first rock debut called “Megalorealist” (Stefan Joubert – Vocals, Guitar and Andrew Lester on Bass and Production). From the age, of 15 Stefan Joubert studied classical guitar under Abri Jordaan in South Africa and completed his studies in the mastery of the [...]

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Got the basics mastered? You still need guitar lessons!


So you can play the chords and you have a good understanding of the basics of playing the guitar. Fantastic! The problem is that when many people learn the fundamentals they think that they don’t need guitar lessons in Mayfair anymore. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that most people aren’t as good at the guitar as they think they are. While you may be able to impress your family and friends with your new-found skills, what about other people? What do you do when you get frustrated with your development? We want to show you why [...]

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Are you looking for powerful, result-oriented guitar lessons?


Unlock the massive hidden potential within yourself. Instantly transform your guitar playing from mediocrity to extraordinary. Learn with a guitar virtuoso at the London Guitar Institute and have a tremendous amount of fun while your guitar playing improves drastically. Regardless of whether you are an absolute beginner, intermediate or advanced player your playing will benefit from a powerful, step-by-step solution guaranteed to make your guitar dreams a reality. The London Guitar Institute's star instructor Stefan Joubert is recognised worldwide as an international guitar virtuoso. He has developed a remarkable style of playing called touch guitar (With YouTube views of over 3 [...]

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