Why you need a great guitar instructor


By working alongside a great guitar instructor, your guitar playing will develop much faster than learning by yourself. In this video, you will discover why you need a great instructor to help you become the guitarist you have always wanted to become. Find out why being self-taught is not actually such a glorious achievement and why a guitar instructor (worth his or her salt) will help you tremendously in your guitar development journey! Watch out for the dangers of selecting a 'mobile guitar instructor' based on convenience and why it is usually better to go to an instructor's guitar teaching studio. [...]

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How to choose a guitar teacher


In this video, Stefan Joubert discusses the vital aspect of how to choose a guitar teacher in London. Learning the guitar can be an arduous task. Learning with the wrong instructor is simply a nightmare! Avoid mistakes and bad decisions, by following the advice given by Stefan Joubert in this video on choosing an appropriate guitar instructor for you! Make thorough research and the right decisions from the start of your guitar journey to become an awesome guitarist!

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