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Your Teacher – Stéfan Joubert

Stefan Guitar Teacher in London EC2Stefan Joubert started learning the piano at the age of 5 (under the grand maestro Josias Van Der Merwe) and the guitar from the age of 12. He initially started learning blues and rock to imitate his favourite guitarists.

At high school he formed, played and sang in a couple of rock/pop bands at private parties and functions. He also started writing serious songs and recorded his first rock debut called: “Megalorealist” (Stefan Joubert – Vocals, Guitar and Andrew Lester on Bass and Production).

From the age of 15 Stefan Joubert studied classical guitar under Abri Jordaan in South Africa and completed his studies in the mastery of classical guitar.

At the age of 17 Stefan formed a jazz quartet called the Stevie J. Quartet where he performed for private functions, corporate events as well as prestigious government functions.

He also performed at the Admira international classical guitar competition in Bath during 2002. He was mentioned in the publication as “one of the notable guitarists who’s attitude and musicality details what this competition is all about”.

He performed at the Montreux International Jazz Festival in 2002 and 2004 in the Jazz Club. He jammed with some great musicians including Joe Sample, Peter Cincotti and others during spontaneous jazz sessions that occurred on a daily basis at the club.  He was recognised as a phenomenon and “young genuis” during his resident performances in Switzerland.

He also performed in Switzerland at “The Moods” club for Yamaha music days in Zurich in 2002.

At  (SA bank) ABSA’s  national youth competition Stefan won the category for the best classical guitarist in 2002.

He studied jazz guitar under Johnny Fourie who used to perform as the resident guitarist at Ronnie Scotts during the 60s. Fourie was also a colleague and friend with John McLaughlin
who is recognised as the world’s best fusion guitarist.

From 2004 onwards Stefan developed a technique called “touch” guitar or “tapping” guitar where the guitar is performed using both hands similar to when a pianist plays the piano. His videos on YouTube has reached over 3 million views.

He is a master guitar teacher and he has taught hundreds of students for last 12 years in jazz, classical and rock styles. Some of his own students have now founded their own private guitar schools. He cordially invites all levels, ages and abilities to study the guitar with him in his private studio in Central London.

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