Advanced guitar lessons London

If you are an advanced guitarist,  you have now spent many years and hours perfecting your guitar technique!
You can solo quite fluently over several chord progression. You have got a solid understanding of harmony and theory. You can play in pocket with the beat. You have spent countless hours practising.
BUT Even though you’ve reached a certain level, you feel frustrated! You feel as if there is more to achieve! You want to push the boundaries, but do not know what to work on.

Hands on acoustic guitar

At The London Guitar Institute, we are pleased to offer you excellent advanced guitar lessons with outstanding instructors who have years of experience over a large variety of styles. Your guitar teacher will transform your playing, and take you from being an average (advanced) player to becoming a fantastic guitarist.

By attending our advanced guitar lessons for adults in the City of London, you will be pleasantly surprised at the progress you will make in just a short period. Your guitar instructor will take you from being mediocre to becoming proficient and exemplary.

Learn in a relaxed environment with a patient guitar instructor

It could be a tragedy to leave your guitar playing where it is now, but you have spent so many years practising your art that it would be a shame not to perfect it. Remember, the more you delay and procrastinate, the longer it will take to achieve your goals. 

  • Become a pro under the guidance of an expert guitar instructor
  • Get rid of your frustrations by benefiting from the most excellent advice
  • Study in a fantastic environment dedicated to adult guitar learning
  • Enhance your guitar skills in electric, acoustic, jazz or classical guitar
  • Make astonishing progress in a short period

At The London Guitar Institute, we are proud to work strictly with top-notch guitarists who will teach you how to play the guitar in the most effective method possible. You will be hard-pressed to find such quality guitar teachers who know how to improve your game so much in such a short period!

Thanks to our vast knowledge in adult guitar education and passion for passing our remarkable knowledge of the instrument on, you can be assured to benefit from the most excellent advanced guitar lessons for adults available in London.