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Guitarist performing on stage

How to become an outstanding guitarist

Find out how to become an outstanding guitarist! Make your guitar dreams a reality and break through by developing the
Guitar Player

5 Ways to Stay Motivated When Practising Guitar

Discover 5 ways to stay motivated when practicing the guitar. Improve your practice routine and improve your guitar playing!
Practice picking the guitar

How to practice the guitar effectively

The adage “practice makes perfect” only holds true if one knows how to practice. The correct saying should be: “PERFECT
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Never Give Up

It’s Never Too Late To Take Guitar Lessons

Retired and looking for a new hobby? Maybe you need something to take your mind off work? The great thing
London Guitar Institute

Are you looking for powerful, result-orientated guitar lessons?

Unlock the massive hidden potential within yourself. Instantly transform your guitar playing from mediocrity to extraordinary. Learn with a guitar
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Man struggling

Why you are still struggling with your guitar playing and how to FIX THIS!

You may have been playing the guitar for a number of years, but you still feel that your progress is
Guitar player playing a solo

How to improvise on the guitar

Discover how you can improvise on the guitar. Find out why it is a lot easier than you think. Grab

Learning how to play the guitar is beneficial!

The guitar has countless possibilities and methods of playing! It can be a haunting instrument as well as a loud
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Guitar Speed

Developing speed in your music playing

As a young lad (around 15) I was very fascinated with speed and virtuoso guitar playing. In fact I am
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Metal guitarist

What it takes to be a great guitar student

If you really want to EXCEL at your guitar playing, then the key lies in being a great guitar student.
Frederic Chopin make your guitar sing

How to make your guitar sing! – secrets from Frederic Chopin

Frederic Chopin is perhaps the most lyrical, melodic composer for piano ever. He was a genius at composing for the
Posted on May 9, 2012 0