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Cameron Hayes is a guitar educator at the London Guitar Institute, teaching a wide range of styles such as rock, metal, blues, jazz, folk, RnB, acoustic, and many more! He teaches a large volume of students on a weekly basis and always looks to provide outstanding value in each and every lesson!

How to Practise if You Only Have Limited Free Time to Commit


Practising guitar: one of the weekly tasks that often fall by the wayside for some of us with busy lives. So how do we find the time to practise if we only have limited free time to commit? Schedule in your practise Gym training, school pickups, your kid's basketball game, after-work drinks with your buddies, date night. Life is busy, and no matter where we look, it is often hard to find a little slice of free time for guitar practice. This is why it will be incredibly important and valuable for us to schedule in our practice time. Just [...]

How to Practise if You Only Have Limited Free Time to Commit2024-06-28T13:15:41+01:00

Getting Back to Guitar After the Holidays (how to get back in the groove!)


Going on holidays is lots of fun, but often when we come home we find that our fingers don’t want to do what we tell them to do when picking up a guitar for the first time. Try these simple tips for getting back in the groove with your guitar practice after returning from a holiday.Start simpleThere are positives and negatives about coming home from a holiday. Positives: you had a great time, you come home feeling refreshed, you now have a sun tan.Negatives: you get the post holiday blues, you have to go back to work, you fingers are now [...]

Getting Back to Guitar After the Holidays (how to get back in the groove!)2024-06-28T13:11:00+01:00

How to Improve Your Guitar Chord Vocabulary


Exploring the world of guitar chords can be a fun journey when you realise that there is much more beyond open position cowboy chords and barre chords! But where do you start when wanting to improve your guitar chord vocabulary? Seventh chords, and beyond! Chords - all (or most) guitarists love them! In fact, if you’re a guitarist that doesn’t love chords, then you’ve probably gone wrong somewhere, or perhaps you just haven’t been using the right ones yet. Yes chords can get quite boring if you’re just doing open position major and minor chords, and perhaps branching out into [...]

How to Improve Your Guitar Chord Vocabulary2024-06-03T13:12:17+01:00

How to Play Rhythm Guitar in a Band


Often overlooked, the art of being a great rhythm guitarist is so much more than strumming chords and having to be quieter than the lead guitarist. It’s actually the rhythm guitarist that has the skill of gluing the band together and giving impact to their sound. So how do you play rhythm guitar in a band? Study the greats A logical place to start when trying to get good at rhythm guitar is to study great rhythm players from great bands that you admire. Although many of these are names that you will know from some of the biggest bands of [...]

How to Play Rhythm Guitar in a Band2024-06-06T08:43:34+01:00

The Greatest Guitar Solos Used in Movies


Looking to take a break from practising guitar and relax over watching a film? How about seeing some of these greatest guitar solos used in movies? Here is a list to get you started. Back to the future One of the most talked about guitar scenes in movies that I am aware of, and in fact the movie that is the reason why many guitar players first picked up the instrument, is Back To The Future (1985), with its infamous “Johnny B. Goode” scene. This scene sees character Marty McFly playing the Chuck Berry classic at his parents high school [...]

The Greatest Guitar Solos Used in Movies2024-04-30T21:57:14+01:00

Looking After Your Health When Playing Guitar


Although it’s not the most rock ’n roll thing to think about as a guitarist, looking after your health will be incredibly important to ensuring longevity as a musician and also to maximise the most out of your practice sessions! Warm-up and cool-down Being a guitarist is much like being an athlete, although it may not seem like it at first. Playing guitar involves us using many different small muscles in our hands, wrists, and arms, which need to be warmed up thoroughly before playing challenging material. Would a professional athlete jump straight onto the track for a 100-metre sprint? [...]

Looking After Your Health When Playing Guitar2024-05-02T15:26:16+01:00

Strumming Hand VS. Fretting Hand – Which is More Important?


We need both hands to play the guitar, but which is more important? We need to make all of the chords with our fretting hand, but they won’t make much sound without the strumming hand! So which one is more important?Strumming hand vs. fretting hand - which is more important?Role of the fretting handWhen we first start learning the guitar, a lot of thought is given to the fretting hand.This will be important as we are constantly thinking about which strings and frets each finger needs to be on for both riffs and chords, as well as which fingers should be [...]

Strumming Hand VS. Fretting Hand – Which is More Important?2024-04-16T13:16:38+01:00

How Playing Along to Songs will Make You a Better Musician


Not only is jamming along to your favourite songs at home a whole lot of fun, it is also a great pathway to becoming a better musician! This will improve your ability to stay in time, your dynamic sensibilities, awareness of the vocals, and your overall musicianship. How playing along to songs will make you a better musician Staying in time One of the major skills that you are going to develop from playing along to songs is the ability to stay in time, which is something you aren’t tested on as much when you are playing by yourself solo. You [...]

How Playing Along to Songs will Make You a Better Musician2024-04-16T13:06:27+01:00

Guitar Strumming – When Should I Strum With a Plectrum and When Should I Pluck with my Fingers?


If you’re just starting out on your guitar journey and are primarily self taught, there may be some confusion for you around whether or not you should be using a plectrum/guitar pick to strike the notes that you are playing. Some people take to using a pick more naturally than others, but it is actually very important to getting the best result possible in your playing to either use this or not. I would urge all guitarist to get used to playing both with and without a pick, as different songs will require different techniques and sounds. Chords For 99% of [...]

Guitar Strumming – When Should I Strum With a Plectrum and When Should I Pluck with my Fingers?2024-03-06T08:46:00+00:00

How to Learn Songs by Ear on the Guitar


Listen to the bass! Learning songs by ear is a lot of fun, and a skill that will come in extremely handy for you both at home for your own enjoyment and in jam sessions/rehearsals when you need to be able to pick things up quickly without TAB’s or sheet music. When starting off on your ear training journey, keep things simple and try to learn a simple four-chord-song that will have pretty straightforward information for you to transcribe. Let’s take “With Or Without You” by U2 as our first example. This will use the same four chords the entire way [...]

How to Learn Songs by Ear on the Guitar2024-03-06T08:43:43+00:00
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