Firstly, I firmly believe that all guitar styles share the same holistic techniques and that by playing more than one style you will inevitably become a better guitarist. A great example of this would be an aspiring metal guitarist studying the classical guitar in order to improve his or her technique.

Whether you want to play classical or electric guitar, your fingers or plectrum has to do the same type of work. I’ve got exercises designed for both scenarios. (And you simply won’t find my quality exercises from any traditional university, guitar school or institution unless you study with some of the world’s best players)

I believe my technical exercises and way of opening up the guitar to you is on-par with the best in the world.

We specialise in the following guitar styles:

Rock and metal guitar lessons:

Rock guitarist Slash

The first thing we will do depending on where you are at is to brush up on your technique and push your technical abilities to the next level. I firmly believe that a solid technique is the foundation of good guitar playing.

I will show you the secrets of improvisation, how to understand modes, master the pentatonic scale, how to phrase and so much more.

We can also get into advanced techniques such as tapping, economy picking and sweep picking.

We will also have a look at producing a top-notch guitar tone and so much more.

In addition to the above, we will also take a look at different styles of rock and metal guitar. We’ll make absolutely sure that you develop in the direction that is right for you in the style that you love to play!

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Jazz guitar lessons

Jazz guitarist Pat Metheny

“It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing” – the immortal quote of Duke Ellington.

At the heart of jazz is the swing feel. Developing a great and relaxed “swing” feeling on the guitar is possibly even more important than the notes that you select.

We will spend time on your “feel” as well as your technique, and knowledge.

You will learn the secrets of how four chords become 12 chords becomes all the chords… you will discover the mathematical secrets of music…

It’s a lot easier than the books make it out to be, BUT you need to be willing to apply yourself!

The key if is the cycle of fourths and II V Is… Prepare for a fabulous music journey that will no doubt enrich your guitar prowess.

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Blues guitar lessons

Blues guitarist BB King

At the heart of rock ‘n’ roll lies the basic blues structure. I sometimes wonder how many 12 bar blues cycles have been played throughout the last 100 years???

in addition to making sure your pentatonic knowledge is up to scratch including major pentatonic, minor pentatonic and exotic pentatonic, we will also work hard on ensuring your arpeggio and chord knowledge is adequate.

As with all musical styles, you feel is paramount when it comes to playing the blues. Whenever work we need to do to get you the, we will do it!

We can also take a look at stylistic differences between different players such as Robert Johnson, BB King, Eric Clapton, Albert King, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Hendrix.

Blues is the basis of all great rock guitar… It is vital to know your blues in order to know rock!

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Classical guitar lessons:

Classical Guitarist Julian Bream

It sometimes amazes me to see so many classical guitar players without adequate technique. Traditional classical guitar does not specialise in virtuoso technique. Flamenco guitarists would beat classical guitarists hands down when it comes to speed playing. In my class, I will develop your technique and ability to play repertoire to an extremely high degree.

I can also assist you with preparing for graded examinations, competitions or just to develop your playing to the next level.

If you would like to learn how to play classical guitar for your own pleasure, you are also more than welcome and I will help you reach the next level!

We will take a look at your sound, the quality of tone you produce and how you interpret a piece of music.

Playing the notes on the score is simply the beginning, it’s what you do with the notes after you know them that counts!

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Acoustic guitar lessons:

Acoustic guitarist Nancy Wilson

Whether you are just starting out, or you are already at a more proficient level, we can take your acoustic guitar playing to the next level.

We will take a look at your chord knowledge, rhythm repertoire as well as ability to accompany singers or play in a band.

The acoustic guitar is an awesome instrument as you always able to take out where ever you are without the need for amplification.

We can take a look at both your finger technique as well is your strumming technique. We can also take a look at your picking technique.

It is important to also take a look at how to improvise, as modern acoustic guitar requires the skill of improvisation as well.

Some of my students are currently doing their acoustic guitar grades. We can most certainly take a look at that as well.

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