Flamenco guitar lessons London

If listening to Paco de Lucia elevates you into the enchanting world of Andalusia, our flamenco guitar lessons are a perfect match for you.
Provided at our lovely premises in the City of London by brilliant Spanish guitarists and pedagogues, they will surely offer you the excellent instruction you are looking for.

Flamenco guitar details

At The London Guitar Institute, we proud ourselves in providing adults with the most exceptional flamenco guitar lessons available in London. Thanks to our profound understanding of the amateur guitarist and our vast knowledge in Flamenco guitar and adult education, we can undoubtedly help you achieve your goals in a fantastic environment.

Improve your Flamenco guitar skills under the guidance of a master guitarist

By attending your Flamenco guitar lessons with us, you will learn the right set of skills to perform your favourite Spanish songs and make your peers hear the exquisite sounds of Spain. We always balance our Flamenco guitar lessons well for you to improve equally in all aspects.

  • Study in a non-judgmental and relaxed environment dedicated to adults
  • Discover the Phrygian mode and Phrygian Dominant mode
  • Learn the most popular chord progressions used in Flamenco music
  • Learn how to improvise fluently over Flamenco chord progressions
  • Enhance your overall techniques with a fantastic guitar instructor

At The London Guitar Institute, your Flamenco guitar lessons will take place weekly on a set day and time, and you are invited to start your course at any time during the year. Whether you are an absolute beginner or a proficient Flamenco guitarist, we will be delighted to help you achieve your goals and become the fabulous Flamenco guitarist you have always dreamt of being!