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Stefan Joubert manager of London Guitar Institute is passionate about adult education. He believes that absolutely anyone can learn to play the guitar and it is just a matter of getting good education and getting started.

Iconic Bass Lines in Rock Music


When it comes to the unforgettable elements of rock music, guitar solos, powerful vocals, and thunderous drums often steal the spotlight.However, the often-unsung heroes of rock are the bass lines that lay down the foundation and groove of countless classic tracks.Iconic bass lines in rock music not only shape the rhythm but also add depth and texture, making the songs truly memorable.This article explores some of the most iconic bass lines in rock music, examining their impact and the musicians behind them.The Pioneers of BassIn the early days of rock and roll, bassists were instrumental in shaping the genre's sound. of [...]

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Interview with Guitarist and Teacher Ian Stich


Stefan Joubert: Ian, tell me about yourself – what made you pick up the guitar when you were younger? What inspired you to get started? Ian Stich: When I was 11 years old, I heard "Sweet Child O’ Mine" by Guns N' Roses, and it was the bass line that really caught my attention. I was fascinated and wanted to play bass so badly that I would grab a hockey stick, jump on my bed, and pretend to be Duff McKagan, the bass player for GNR. I shared my dream with a friend, and he mentioned that his dad, a music [...]

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Female Bass Guitarists Who Rock!


Bass guitar is often seen as the backbone of any band, providing rhythm and groove that holds the music together. While the bass has often been a male-dominated instrument, many incredible female bassists have made significant contributions to music, breaking barriers and redefining the role of the bassist. Here’s a look at some of the most influential female bass guitarists who rock! Carol Kaye Carol Kaye, the bassist extraordinaire, has left an enduring legacy on the music industry with her unparalleled playing style and unwavering dedication. With a staggering 10,000+ recordings under her belt, Kaye has worked with some of [...]

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Guitar Music Theory


As a guitarist, you've likely encountered music theory at some point in your journey. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced musician, understanding the basics of music theory can elevate your playing and open up new possibilities for creativity and expression. In this article, we'll delve into the world of guitar music theory, exploring the fundamental concepts and techniques that will help you take your playing to the next level. What is guitar music theory? Guitar music theory is the discipline of understanding the underlying principles and concepts that govern the creation and performance of music on the guitar. It [...]

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Guitar Strings Guide


New to guitar? Don't fret! Choosing the right strings can seem overwhelming, but we've got your back. We'll simplify the options and help you find what suits you best. Whether you're strumming a sunny tune or rocking out a solo, your strings matter. They're the bridge between your fingers and your sound, shaping your playing experience. Let's dive into the basics, making sure you're equipped for your musical journey. Guitar string materials Guitar strings are typically crafted from one of four primary materials: Steel: Known for its durability and bright tone, steel strings are commonly found on acoustic and electric guitars. [...]

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The Anatomy of a Guitar and Terms You Need to Know


If you find yourself reading this article, you're probably on a quest to deepen your understanding of guitars. These instruments, crafted with precision by luthiers, stand as pillars of musical expression, offering a rich palette of sounds and textures. Understanding the anatomy of a guitar, along with the specialised terminology used to describe its parts, is crucial for anyone looking to master the instrument or simply to appreciate the artistry behind its creation. Join us as we dissect the guitar, piece by piece, in a journey that promises to enhance your knowledge and connection to this musical icon. But first, [...]

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Guitar Legends Across Musical Genres


From the electrifying rock riffs to the delicate classical tunes, the guitar has been a cornerstone of music in many styles. Within the world of music are legendary figures whose names are etched in the hearts of fans worldwide. Let's explore the lives and legacies of these guitar legends across musical genres. Kicking off with the rock genre Jimi Hendrix James Marshall "Jimi" Hendrix, an electrifying force in the 1960s, revolutionised the way the guitar was played and perceived. Born in Seattle, Washington, in 1942, Hendrix's early life was marked by a fascination with music and a determination to [...]

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Why you need to just get started to become a successful guitarist!


Life happens to all of us... We all experience a fast pace, way-too-busy form of existence, ESPECIALLY if we life in London! The secret is not to let that phase you! You need to take control of things that matter to you. Things like seriously improving your guitar playing. Every day that goes by without you practising and developing your musicality, is simply another wasted day. Being passionate is VERY very important and that is why you have to get started today and FINALLY become the guitarist that you deserve to be! You really do not want 5 years to pass [...]

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Your guitar instructor: Stefan Joubert


Master Guitar Instructor: Internationally Renowned Guitar Virtuoso, Stefan Joubert Stefan Joubert started learning the guitar at an early age. He originally started learning blues and rock to emulate his favourite guitarists. At high school, he formed, played and sang in a couple of rock/pop bands at private parties and functions. He also started writing meaningful songs and recorded his first rock debut called “Megalorealist” (Stefan Joubert – Vocals, Guitar and Andrew Lester on Bass and Production). From the age, of 15 Stefan Joubert studied classical guitar under Abri Jordaan in South Africa and completed his studies in the mastery of the [...]

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How to practice the guitar without a guitar on you


Discover how to practice the guitar without a guitar on you! Did you know that you can make tremendous progress in your guitar journey by practising the guitar without a guitar on you? All you need is to develop your visualisation by learning how to see the fretboard in your mind's eye! You can then practice during your lunch break or when commuting. Adding extra practice to your schedule will result in a compound effect and in time YOUR guitar playing will become awesome! Watch this video to find out more about how you can do just that:

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