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Master Guitarists

  • Pat Martino – virtuoso jazz guitarist specialising in lines and lines studies on the guitar.
  • Stanley Jordan – tapping guitar giant and music therapy promoter.
  • Shawn Lane – guitar virtuoso extravaganza. Absolute master of the guitar beyond compare.
  • Johnny Fourie – legendary South African jazz guitar maestro. Was also the instructor of Stefan Joubert. Absolute genius of jazz guitar. (John McLaughlin, the famous British Jazz/Fusion Guitarist said of him: “Johnny Fourie is one of the greatest guitar players of our époque”)
  • John McLaughlin– World-renowned for his fusion jazz guitar style. An absolute gentleman, perfectly in control of his guitar style. An absolute master. The James Bond of guitar playing!
  • Yngwie Malmsteen – Swedish born heavy-metal virtuoso guitarist. Known for his agile and faster runs. Turned the guitar into a violin rather than a blues rock instrument. The maestro of baroque music on the electric guitar.