Find a number of resources below to seriously improve your guitar playing and become the guitarist you have always wanted to be!

Master guitarists that we adore!

  • Pat Martino – virtuoso jazz guitarist specialising in lines and lines studies on the guitar.
  • Stanley Jordan – tapping guitar giant and music therapy promoter.
  • Shawn Lane – guitar virtuoso extravaganza. An absolute master of the guitar beyond compare.
  • Johnny Fourie – legendary South African jazz guitar maestro. Was also the instructor of Stefan Joubert. The absolute genius of jazz guitar. (John McLaughlin, the famous British Jazz/Fusion Guitarist said of him: “Johnny Fourie is one of the greatest guitar players of our époque”)
  • John McLaughlin– World-renowned for his fusion jazz guitar style. An absolute gentleman, perfectly in control of his guitar style. An absolute master. The James Bond of guitar playing!
  • Yngwie Malmsteen – Swedish born heavy-metal virtuoso guitarist. Known for his agile and faster runs. Turned the guitar into a neo-classical violin rather than a blues-rock instrument. The maestro of baroque music on the electric guitar.
  • Brian May – Arguably rock and roll’s most original guitarist. What an amazing musician and intelligent down-to-earth gentleman! Brian May along with Queen took the world by storm and will ALWAYS have a very very special place in our hearts when it comes to playing the guitar! Thank you, Brian, for your wonderful contribution to music!

Guitar Articles to Inspire You!

10 Guitar Improvement Rules

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Guitar and music books that we recommend

The inner game of music – Barry Green

Understand the power of working with yourself to achieve the highest level of musicality that you can achieve.

In this fantastic book, you will discover how to overcome fear and negative voices within.

Become a better performer and guitarist and get rid of inner voices that stop you from performing and playing at your best.

Drastically improve your guitar game with the inner game of music!

You can view the book on Amazon here.

Linear Expressions by Pat Martino

Pat Martino is a master guitarist and educator.

Learn how to form lines on the guitar to improvise over any chord change and chord movement.

Create an arsenal of melodic lines to be ready for any musical situation.

Become who YOU deserve to be!

Learn from the best.

Learn from Pat Martino!

Warning: this book is not for those without the ability to persevere and recommended for intermediate to advanced jazz guitar players.

You can view the book on Amazon here.