Are you looking for extraordinary bass guitar lessons in London?

RADICALLY improve your bass technique, sound and style with The London Guitar Institute!

Learn the secrets of how to play jazz, blues, rock bass and how to improvise on your bass guitar.

Bass guitar lessons take place weekly at a set time and place.

Enjoy expert input and FINALLY become the bassist you have always wanted to become!

Learn the following in your weekly bass guitar lessons:

  • How to use ALL your fingers when playing the bass (in both hands)
  • How to develop SERIOUS discipline and consistency in your bass playing
  • How to improvise over ALL chord progressions
  • How to quickly and easily find your way around the bass guitar
  • How to play jazz and more complex harmonic structures
  • How to provide the BACKBONE of the band and support your fellow band colleagues
  • How to increase your speed and agility on the bass guitar
  • How to develop a excellent understanding of theory and harmony
  • How to apply these skills to YOUR bass playing!

If you want to get to the next level in your bass guitar playing and finally become the bass guitarist that you’ve always wanted to be contact Stefan Joubert today:

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Keep calm and play bass!