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Would you like to seriously increase your guitar technique, skill and musical level? Choose the best guitar lessons London has to offer with master guitarist Stefan Joubert now!

Stefan Joubert

Master Guitar Instructor Stefan Joubert

SHOCKING FACT: YOU HAVE 90% CHANCE OF FAILURE - read this important article right now BEFORE doing anything else. Read here now...

My name is Stefan Joubert, and I provide top-notch guitar lessons specifically designed for adults. You may know me from my many tapping guitar videos on YouTube. One of my videos recently reached more than 2 million views. See my full bio.

By studying the guitar with me in London, you will have the immense privilege of learning with a master of the guitar. My understanding of the instrument and method of tuition simply surpasses most standard guitar learning methods and I can confidently say that it is world-class.

So if you want to get rid of frustration, make major progress in your guitar learning and finally become the guitarist that you have always wanted to become, then you simply cannot afford to study with anybody else.

I offer courses suitable to all schedules. As my slots are extremely limited, I would advise you to get in touch with me sooner than later in order to avoid disappointment.

Book your guitar course with me if you are interested in making a TREMENDOUS change that will FOR EVER change your life and make you the guitarist you want to be!

Master guitar instructor Stefan Joubert invites you to study the guitar in his guitar studio in the City of London

World Class Guitar Lessons for Adults

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London’s foremost and most sought-after guitar learning experience for adults from absolute beginners to advanced

If you are a beginner and you’ve never played before, we’ve got a special message for you.

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90% Chance of failure

SHOCKING FACT: You've got 90% chance of failure if you study with the wrong teacher


Here, are the true facts: 90% of complete beginners give up playing the guitar after barely 4 months of learning.

If you're still playing after 4 months (from being a complete beginner), then you already belong to the top 10% of aspiring guitarists.

Out of the 10% remaining, only a few will take their playing beyond learning a few chords and only 2% (out of the initial 100) will then

proceed to intermediate concepts such as improvising or playing substitute chords.

Very very few (less than 1%) will even get into playing advanced guitar solos, intricate harmonies, special techniques and advanced chords.

What makes the difference between a guitarist who never gets past struggling to strum two open chords and a guitarist who has a solid command of his or her instrument?

Answer: It's not their talent or ability; It's the skill and competency level of their instructor and mentor. THAT is the key element.

Why we will help you succeed

Why we will help you succeed in your guitar playing (regardless of your current level)


Our head guitar teacher has personally studied with some of the greatest guitar mentors on this planet including the late Johnny Fourie (John Mclaughlin's friend and colleague), Abri Jordaan (one of the greatest classical guitar teachers) and other music legends.

He is familiar with rock, jazz and classical guitar styles and have excelled at a world class level in all three styles. He is also remarkably well known for his ability on touch guitar. He can play and improvise fluently in standard tuning as well as his "top-secret" guitar tuning in touch guitar.

He has successfully taught guitarists from the age of 15 including guitarists who have now gone to develop their own music schools.

He knows how to turn you into the extraordinary guitarist YOU deserve to be!

80% Psychology and 20% skill

Guitar playing is 80% psychology and 20% skill

State of mind

Learning to play the guitar is first and foremost about your state of mind. Without proper motivation and encouragement from a mentor/teacher, it will be extremely difficult to learn how to play to the best of your ability. Practicing with the correct technique is 20% of the game, but success is powered by a perfect state of mind!

Your goals and ambitions

We will work with your goals and ambitions to make you the guitar player you want to be!

Guitar hero Slash


  • If you want to learn how to play for the fun, then we'll turn you into the best amateur guitarist you can possibly be!
  • If you want to learn how to play chords properly to play music in your local church - You're at the right place.
  • If you want to become the next Yngwie J. Malmsteen - we will work with your goals to ensure they are achieved!

Whatever goals and ambitions you may have, we are 100% committed to making your dreams a reality! Enquire today and let's take you from where you are to where you want to go.

All levels and goals are welcome (Absolute beginners to very advanced). If you want to learn from someone who's virtually played in most modern guitar styles and has a master knowledge of the guitar, if you want to invest your money prudently and get the best possible guitar education that money can buy, you've just found it!

Please do visit our guitar programmes to find the best program available for you.

Stefan Joubert Master Guitar Instructor

Stefan Joubert

Master Guitar Instructor & Head Teacher at the London Institute of Guitar

"All levels and goals accepted - regardless of whether you want to play for fun or become the next Yngwie Malmsteen"


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