What students say


I have been taking guitar lessons from Stefan for over two years and very much value both his technical proficiency and well-structured teaching style. I am always impressed by Stefan’s mastery of numerous guitar styles from classical and jazz to blues and hard rock and his ability to draw on the richness of this knowledge in broadening my musical journey. Stefan combines an excellent understanding of traditional music theory and mastery of the instrument with years of teaching experience to create a great learning environment.

Harsha – Life Coach

Jack Testimonial

After a year or two of learning from YouTube, I have been studying with Stefan for over 3 years and I am convinced if you want to take your playing to the next level, Stefan is the one to work with. He has helped me to devise a practice routine that is really effective and time-efficient. He takes the guess-work and wasted time out of guitar practice and I would recommend him to anyone interested in learning guitar.

Jack – Commodity trader and options expert

Electric guitar player

Stefan is WITHOUT question one of the greatest guitar players on the planet and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed studying jazz guitar with him. He has an incredible knowledge of the guitar and of music, and I can only look forward to improving immensely under his mentorship.

Tom – Professional Guitarist


Studying jazz guitar under Stefan has been a rewarding and enjoyable experience. I had previously been practicing on my own using resources online but had struggled to take my skills to the next level. Stefan taught me to apply techniques correctly and vastly improved the rate at which I was learning. He also helped to make my practice more productive and systematic by teaching me the essential tools for playing jazz. I now have a good foundation on which to work on and I look forward to more lessons with Stefan in the future.

Jacqueline – Financial Analyst



Although I have been playing the guitar for nearly ten years, and have had lessons in the past, my playing has improved considerably in the year since I started working with Stefan. The lessons, initially face-to-face and now via video conference, have improved both my technique and knowledge, and every lesson stretches. With other tutors, there have always been lessons that felt like a waste of time but with Stefan, there is a clear curriculum and each lesson is an obvious step forward. I find the video conference lessons ideal, the technology works well and the convenience of having lessons from home is excellent.

Ben – North London, UK