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Stefan Joubert manager of London Guitar Institute is passionate about adult education. He believes that absolutely anyone can learn to play the guitar and it is just a matter of getting good education and getting started.

From Garage to Stage: Tips for Starting a Band


Hey future rockstars! Are you ready to transform your humble garage into a powerhouse stage that echoes with the thunderous sound of your music? It's time to grab your guitars, crank up the amps, and let's dive into some of the coolest tips to kickstart your band and set the world on fire! Remember, some of the greatest rock legends started their musical journey right in their garages, honing their craft and creating magic that would resonate for generations. Take, for instance, the iconic rock band U2, formed in Dublin when the members were still teenagers. These guys didn't wait [...]

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What Are the Different Types of Guitars and Their Uses?


Understanding the distinctions between these guitars and their intended uses is crucial for any aspiring guitarist. Let's explore the main types of guitars and their unique roles in the musical landscape. Looking to get your first guitar? There’s a huge range of stringed instruments out there, and the sheer number of types can sometimes baffle a beginner, so we’ve put together this handy guide to the different types of guitar you might encounter! From the elegant and reposed steel-string dreadnoughts to the super-sleek heavy metal machines, we’ll help you identify the perfect instrument in this in-depth guide. 1. Acoustic guitar [...]

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Shawn Lane: Guitar Genius That Deserve So Much More Recognition


In the world of guitar playing, there are virtuosos, and then there's Shawn Lane – an extraordinary musical genius whose incredible talent has left an enduring impact on the music world. Although he may not have achieved the same level of mainstream fame as some of his peers, those who truly understand his artistry recognise the unparalleled brilliance he brought to the guitar. Shawn Lane's musical journey commenced at a tender age in the vibrant city of Memphis, Tennessee. Born on March 21, 1963, Lane was immersed in a diverse musical milieu within his family. His father, Robert Lane, a skilled [...]

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The 50s Chord Progression – A Progression Used In A Thousand Songs!


Introduction:The 1950s was a transformative era for music, marked by the emergence of rock and roll, doo-wop, and the birth of iconic chord progressions that continue to captivate audiences today. One such chord progression, often referred to as the "50s chord progression," has become a classic and is a staple in countless songs across various genres. In this article, we'll explore the magic of this chord progression and dive into a curated list of songs that have utilised its timeless appeal.Understanding the '50s Chord Progression:The '50s chord progression is characterised by its simplicity and emotional resonance. It typically follows a I-vi-IV-V [...]

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Why Guitar Lessons Are The Ultimate Gift For A Loved One


In the enchanting quest for the ideal gift that transcends the ordinary and resonates with lasting significance, consider the timeless allure of gifting guitar lessons. This extraordinary gesture extends beyond the realms of material possessions, offering a symphony of benefits that goes beyond the strings of the guitar. Discover why guitar lessons are the ultimate gift for a loved one, harmonising both passion and practicality.Learning the Guitar Unlocks Musical PotentialGuitar lessons serve as a gateway for your cherished recipient to unlock and nurture their musical potential, making it a gift that keeps on giving. Regardless of their current level of expertise, [...]

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The Best Blues Guitarists Ever


The world of music has been graced by countless talented musicians across various genres, but when it comes to the soulful and expressive realm of blues, there are some individuals whose names shine brighter than the rest. From the smoky clubs of the Mississippi Delta to the global stages of the modern era, these extraordinary artists have left an indelible mark on the blues genre, captivating audiences with their virtuosity, emotive storytelling, and the sheer power of their six strings. Join us as we delve into the lives and legacies of these iconic figures who have defined and redefined the [...]

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10 Jazz Guitarists You Should Know


Jazz music has a rich history filled with exceptional talents, and the world of jazz guitar is no exception. These ten jazz guitarists have etched their names in history. They've not only redefined jazz guitar but also enriched our understanding and love for this captivating genre. Whether you're a jazz enthusiast or just starting to explore this captivating world, these legendary guitarists deserve your attention. 1. Wes Montgomery Wes Montgomery (1923-1968) was a legendary jazz guitarist known for revolutionising the world of jazz guitar with his distinctive thumb-picking technique. Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, Wes began playing guitar at a [...]

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Interview with guitarist Cameron Hayes


About Cameron Hayes Cameron Hayes is a guitar educator at the London Guitar Institute, teaching a wide range of styles such as rock, metal, blues, jazz, folk, RnB, acoustic, and many more! He teaches a large volume of students on a weekly basis and always looks to provide outstanding value in each and every lesson! Stefan Joubert: What is the most difficult solo you have ever played so far and why? Cameron Hayes: One that immediately springs to mind is Drew Zingg’s guitar solo in his tune “One-Off”. The immediate challenge with this solo is the incredibly fast tempo, being [...]

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The most wonderful Christmas present for a guitar lover


Christmas is the most beautiful time of year. It is a season of joy and blessings. This is that time of year when we spend time with our friends and family. It's "indulgence season." Everyone feels wonderful, and it is the ideal time to bless your loved ones. It's wonderful to spend time brainstorming ways to delight our family members and provide them with the most remarkable gifts. Something they've always wanted or something that has the potential to improve their life. I like the latter because I adore the thought of gifts that last forever. I value experiences because they [...]

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5 Promises


PROMISE #1 - You will receive the highest quality guitar instruction with an outstanding guitar master! You will receive mentorship and tuition under the guidance of a master guitar instructor. You can confidently rest assured that your guitar education is being taken care of. There is no reason to settle for second best. Learn the correct techniques from the beginning and become the guitarist you always wanted to be with London's top guitar coach! PROMISE #2 - You will drastically improve your guitar playing on the condition that you practice... By studying with Stefan Joubert in a one-to-one or group setting, [...]

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