If you want to benefit from world-class guitar instruction specifically designed for adults in the City of London near EC3, then you have found exactly the right place.

At The London Guitar Institute, we simply provide no-compromise top-quality guitar instruction for adults.

What’s more, we are located in Fleet Street, only moments away from Bank, EC3.

We are simply perfect for you if you work and want to attend during your lunchtime break. You can also attend your classes in the evening.

We offer both individual and group guitar lessons in the City of London EC3.

We specialise in electric, acoustic, jazz and classical guitar and you can learn the style that you most want to learn.

We have some of the most outstanding guitar instructors who genuinely care for your progress.

As an adult working in the City EC3, it is often wise to free your brain from the daily stresses of the financial and banking sectors. By taking up guitar lessons with London’s top guitar academy for adults near the City, you will give yourself an opportunity to let go and truly enjoy freedom!

Music will take you on a journey that will relieve stress and open up your imagination!

Unlike attending a gym in the City of London EC3, where you constantly think about your obligations whilst working out, when learning the guitar you will be forced to only think about the guitar.

(It takes you into a whole new realm – a musical dream!)

That is exactly why guitar lessons in the City of London EC3 are the best solution for you to develop your creative side!

We truly believe at the London Guitar Institute, that each and every individual is unique and talent! We do not believe old myths about being too old to play! We believe that all adults can learn how to play the guitar!

That is why we provide an oasis of guitar learning in the City of London, specifically for adults to learn. We provide a ‘guitar heaven’ where adults can learn as well as perform in our non-judgemental concerts.

City of London Bank

This is what you will learn when studying the guitar with us in the City of London EC3:

  • You will learn about timing – and how to ‘feel’ the pulse!
  • You will learn how to play your favourite songs
  • You will meet other like-minded guitar enthusiasts
  • You will discover the depth of playing the guitar with top-notch guitar instructors
  • You will be invited to exclusive student concert and events!
  • You will be invited to seminars hosted in some of the most exotic places on the planet!

Adult guitarist

At the London Guitar Institute, we simply aim to provide you with the best quality guitar lessons for adults in the city of London EC3.

As we have stated before, we have a no-compromise attitude towards learning and only provide top-notch instruction.

Your guitar voyage is right in front of you – it is our deepest desire to help you progress in a fast and effective way. To help you learn all the right techniques from the very word go.

So if you’ve always looked for EC3 guitar lessons, then you have found the best place to learn the piano.

It is vital to select the best guitar instruction in the City EC3, as bad habits would only lead to you having to relearn the guitar at a later stage.

That is why it is vital to lay down the correct foundations immediately!

Our methodologies are specifically designed (AND TESTED!) for adult learning. And that is why you are in the best hands for your guitar lessons in the City of London. (We have a massive retention rate – and that is due to the fact that we genuinely care for our students… Of course, we have AMAZING – I can say again AMAZING students!)

So get rid of your work-related stress today and take up guitar lessons in the city.

You may find it more interesting thing going to your local gym!

An outline of available courses:

  • One-to-one guitar lessons in the City of London – from £165
  • Group guitar instruction – £185 for 4 x 60 minutes

Contact us today for your guitar lessons in the City of London. Finally, become the guitarist that you always wanted to become!

Contact Stefan at enrol@londonguitarinstitute.co.uk

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