Guitar Lessons Marble Arch

The guitar is the kind of instrument that draws people in with its ability to communicate a myriad of emotions through music. Whether tenderly plucked, executing a classic blues progression, or seriously rocked, it will leave your audience hooked and breathless after you take them on a journey of musical adventure!

If you like the idea of mastering this beautifully versatile instrument but don’t know where to start, then sign up for some lessons with the London Guitar Faculty! Specialising in adult-learning, our master tutor, Stefan Joubert, will help you to discover your inner talents and start taking steps towards becoming a proficient guitarist of any genre.

Make incredible improvements

Investing in an experienced and effective guitar teacher in Marble Arch will save you so much time, money and frustration in the long run. Instead of inching along laboriously with other less qualified teachers or trying to teach yourself from books or online videos, get expert guidance and structure for your learning that will help you to make serious improvements, quickly.

Whatever stage in your guitar journey you’re at, whether you’ve been slowly learning for years or have never even picked up a guitar before, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you see drastic improvements in your playing. Taking into consideration your level, strengths and requirements, Stefan will tailor-make a learning and practice programme just for you so that you can learn in a structured and enjoyable way.

Group lessons available

If you want to take lessons but prefer the idea of joining forces with your peers then why not try our group guitar lessons?

Learning in a group will allow you to develop your playing in a rounded way as you spend time both playing and listening, helping to enhance improvisation and rhythmic knowledge. You will also have the opportunity to meet like-minded guitar lovers who are at a similar stage in their learning process to you. You will be able to encourage, motivate and help each other as you continue on a journey towards becoming better guitar players.

We have a range of group guitar lessons near Marble Arch, full details can be found here.

Playing and performing

Whether you take lessons in a group or one-to-one, all of our guitar students in Marble Arch will be given ample opportunity to participate in our regularly organised performances and seminars.

Getting the chance to perform in a relaxed, non-judgemental environment is an essential experience for guitar learners of all levels. Whether you prefer to play solo or organise a group performance, you’ll be able to build experience and confidence performing. These guitar get-togethers also give all learners the opportunity to socialise with their peers and build musical connections and lasting friendships.

Get started on your guitar journey

Improve your guitar skills drastically and have heaps of fun doing it with simply the highest-quality guitar lessons London has to offer. Centrally located in the stunning surroundings of Mayfair, only a 5-minute taxi ride from Marble Arch W1H, you’ll feel inspired, motivated and amazed by the progress you will make in a short period of time!

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