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Do you dream of being a rock star? A blues crooner? A classical virtuoso? Whatever your guitar aspirations consist of, the first step on your journey should be taking guitar lessons with a professional, experienced and effective guitar teacher.

Here at the London Guitar Institute near Marylebone, you can expect high-quality, enjoyable and effective guitar lessons that will ensure you make drastic improvements to your playing. Our master guitar tutor, Stefan Joubert, is highly experienced in teaching adult learners and knows how to make the process of gaining guitar proficiency structured, successful and – most of all – fun!

Learn to play at any age

A lot of people wrongly assume that they are too old to learn to play a new instrument. Yes, younger learners can often pick up skills slightly more easily and, of course, let’s not forget that they tend to have more free time for practising. However, everyone has it within them to become a fantastic guitar player and the benefit of being a mature learner is that you are often more dedicated and it is this dedication that will take you on leaps and bounds with your guitar playing.

Of course, at whatever age you are beginning to learn, one of the most important factors in the success of your guitar learning, and how quickly you make this progress, comes down to the education you are getting. This is why it is just as important for a beginner as an advanced learner to take guitar lessons with an experienced, qualified and proficient guitar teacher.

Working with Stefan Joubert will offer you all of this and more and investing in these high-quality guitar lessons in Marylebone will save you so much time, money and frustration in the long run. Each of our students is treated as an individual and a fully comprehensive learning and practice programme will be tailored to suit each individual’s needs so that learning is structured, effective and enjoyable!

Remote guitar lessons

Want to learn with the best guitar teacher in London but aren’t in the area? Not to fear, we can also cater for remote learners with Skype guitar lessons.

Learning over Skype is an excellent way to access our top level guitar education without needing to be located within central London. As long as you have a good internet connection, you can receive the full benefits of Stefan’s guidance no matter where in the world you are playing your guitar!

For full details regarding Skype guitar lessons, see here.

Enjoyable and successful guitar learning

Take control of your guitar learning with high-quality guitar lessons at the London Guitar Faculty with Stefan Joubert and be amazed at the progress you make and the amount of enjoyment you can take from playing the guitar.

With a fabulous music studio centrally located in the stunning surroundings of Marylebone, only a 5-minute taxi ride from Marylebone W1, you can easily access the best guitar lessons London has to offer so why wait?!

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