Benefits of learning with us versus learning with other guitar teachers or schools

Concept Other Schools At The London Guitar Institute
Integration of concepts: (i.e. learning barre chords) Most guitar teachers barely scratch the surface. They’ll move on to one concept to the next without much integration of the current concept. (The latest one you’ve been working on – i.e. barre chords) We make 100% certain that you have an in-depth understanding of the current concepts at hand. We always push you to really understand the details about the concepts we’re working on. Integration is one of our 7 keys.
Typical progress after 6 months of training: After 6 months you will at best know the concepts worked on during this period at a basic level. You will not have a definite picture in your mind about the details and feel lost at time. After 6 months you will have devoured some solid guitar meat. Your growth will be evident and you will feel confident about the concepts we’ve worked on. You will have a very CLEAR PICTURE in your mind.
Student events No, most guitar teachers unfortunately never have a single event for their students. We arrange periodic student events and concerts. At these events we provide EXCEPTIONAL value. You should expect a huge improvement in your guitar game by attending our masterclasses and events. At the student concerts,
you will have an opportunity to seriously improve your live guitar performance abilities!
Additional resources No. All students will have access to our online guitar portal. Additional guitar materials get added periodically for you to enjoy!
Student get together No. During the year when a great guitarist is performing we often go as a group to view the performances together.

This will encourage you in your own playing and motivate you to go to new heights!

Listen to your needs, wants and desires Mediocre at best. Most guitar teachers do not make much of an effort or pretend to care. We always do our best to help you learn music that you want to learn. We attentively listen to your needs and help you to find the best possible solution to your musical problem.
Can teach classical, jazz, rock, acoustic & pop A very small chance at that. Probably not. We teach most guitar styles on a world-class level including rock/pop, blues, funk, metal, classical, jazz, soul and other.
Are excellent guitarists and teachers A large percentage of guitar teachers in London are semi-professional. They are competent, but have major limitations. Some guitar teachers are intermediate players looking to earn money without providing value in exchange. Our guitar teachers are extremely qualified and have many years of teaching experience. Our head guitar teacher has achieved a outstanding level of proficiency on his instrument and can teach all levels including professional guitarists.
Have performed on major stages Rarely, but there are exceptions of course. Our head guitar teacher has performed at various festivals including the Montreux Jazz Festival and some major venues in London, Switzerland, Paris and South Africa.
Have a track record of happy students Sometimes. We have a very good record of happy students and some of them have been with us for over 10 years.
Teach the best methods, “secrets” and the nature of the guitar Most probably not. This is our speciality.
From the first lesson to advanced techniques (in future lessons), We’ll always emphasis the nature of the guitar.
Motivates you with such a passion that you are inspired to play! Most probably not. We believe that learning the guitar is 80% psychology and 20% skills. Your mindset and motivation levels are therefore undeniably important. Our service and style of teaching ensures you are motivate and inspired to help you get the best from your guitar lessons with us.