Group guitar lessons London

Our group guitar lessons are designed for those who want to combine socialising with a top-notch guitar education. Offered in a small group format, they allow beginners and intermediate guitarists to learn the basics, connect with like-minded guitar enthusiasts and experience band playing straight away. Even if fun and highly enjoyable, our one to one guitar lessons are seriously conducted to ensure the most excellent guitar education.

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At London Guitar Institute, we are delighted to work with fantastic guitar teachers who know how to make your guitar lessons exciting each week and teach you in a manner that is easy to understand. Thanks to the small size of each group, five participants at most, you can be assured not to feel lost and to be part of an exciting group of guitar lovers.

Combine socialising with a top-notch guitar instruction

Our group guitar lessons for adults are open to absolute beginners, beginners and intermediate guitarists. We do not require you to possess any exceptional talent to join or have any prior musical knowledge. Learning how to read the guitar tablature and understand the nature of the instrument will be part of your music education. At London Guitar Institute, we will ensure that you enjoy your group guitar lessons thoroughly and that you make excellent progress regularly.

  • Learn how to play the guitar alongside like-minded guitar lovers
  • Benefit from expert advice from day one and build a solid guitar technique
  • Enjoy an outstanding guitar education while performing with your peers
  • Study with an excellent guitar teacher who specialises in teaching adults
  • Improve your guitar playing while having fun and relaxing

London Guitar Institute is a unique guitar academy that allows adults to develop their passion for the guitar in a non-judgmental and friendly environment. We are pleased to offer you the immense opportunity to benefit from exceptional group guitar lessons in a formidable setting in the heart of the City of London. Our group guitar lessons take place weekly on a set and time.

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Exclusive music instruction for adults of all ages and abilities (absolute beginners are very welcome!)