Intensive guitar lessons London

At London Guitar Institute, our intensive guitar lessons are excellent for adult guitar enthusiasts who either want to go through the basics in a concise period, focus on a specific area of their playing, experience the practice methodology as used by professionals or polish a performance rapidly.


Attending our intensive guitar lessons can be extremely rewarding. Conducted differently to your weekly lessons, they will surely help you learn faster or resolve a particular issue in your guitar playing once and for all. By dedicating several sessions to an aspect of your game, reviewed continuously by your instructor, you will surely be able to resolve any difficulty almost instantly.

Improve your guitar playing drastically in a short period

Our intensive guitar lessons are often chosen by beginners who like using some time off from work to shorten the initial period of their learning. They are always delighted to have saved weeks of hard work by having the privilege to study daily, or every other day, under the guidance of an expert who knows how to save time and make the best of a practice session. Intermediate and advanced guitarists also find intensive guitar lessons highly beneficial as it allows them to leave everything aside and give full focus to a technical issue that was bothering them for years. In a nutshell, our intensive guitar lessons are the perfect lessons to book if you require fast learning.

  • Make drastic progress in a short period
  • Save weeks of hard work by practising with your guitar teacher
  • Solve any technical or musical issue in a few days
  • Learn how to make your practice session efficient
  • Study with an excellent guitar teacher in a fantastic environment

Provided by top-notch guitar teachers who specialise in teaching adults and who have the patience required to sit with you to tackle any part of your game, our intensive guitar lessons is undoubtedly the answer for you.

You will surely be astonished by our result-oriented methods and by how little time it takes to solve a technical or musical issue at the speed of light if you focus on it.

At London Guitar Institute, our intensive guitar lessons usually take place three to four times a week over two or three weeks. You are welcome to book your sessions at any time during the year and attend at our lovely premises in the City of London.