Intermediate guitar lessons London

Being an intermediate guitarist can be a frustrating reality. Hence, the reason why seeking the help of an expert guitarist and benefit from excellent intermediate guitar lessons.

You have developed your playing, know a little bit about improvisation, obtained a reasonably solid understanding of rhythm guitar. Yes, you have conquered some of your goals, but if you are honest with yourself, you know that you have hit a peak!

Hands on acoustic guitar

The truth is, you struggle to make any real progression going forward. Yes, you have tried to improve your playing, but it was to no avail.
You feel lost like a ship in the middle of the sea without any land in sight!!!

Do not worry; you are not alone at this – this period is difficult for all intermediate musicians across instruments, genres, cultures and continents!

Improve your guitar playing in a non-judgmental environment dedicated to adults

At The London Guitar Institute, we will be delighted to help you out and put you on the right path to improve your guitar playing drastically. By attending our fantastic intermediate guitar lessons, you will make immediate progress and start seeing the light again.

  • Attend tailored guitar lessons and learn at your own pace
  • Make astonishing progress under the guidance of an expert
  • Take your guitar playing to the next level in a fantastic environment
  • Benefit from expert advice and learn how to resolve any difficulty
  • Enjoy well-balanced intermediate guitar lessons to become a pro

Whether you play electric, acoustic, jazz or classical guitar, our master guitar instructors will know how to get to the next level without ever criticising you negatively or patronising you. As your success is ours, we will, on the contrary, always encourage you and support you in your endeavour of becoming a brilliant guitarist!

At The London Guitar Institute, our intermediate guitar lessons for adults take place weekly on a set day and time, and you are welcome to start your course at any time during the year.

Your guitar lessons will take place at our lovely premises in the City of London.