Have you always wanted to learn how to play lead guitar?

Have you wondered how your favourite guitarist manages to surf on a wave of sound and somehow ALWAYS hit the right notes at the right time?

Learn lead guitar in London

Learning how to play lead guitar properly is a considerable advantage when it comes to playing the guitar.

You essentially become the composer of your instrument, composing melodic fragments on the spot and executing them with passion and an out-of-this-world guitar tone to the amazement of your audience, friends or colleagues.

The ability to (successfully) improvise over a given chord progression is a tremendously valuable guitar asset! It’s similar to surfing humongous waves and riding them at your own command and desire. (Something we all wish we could secretly do!)

It’s the thing not to miss when learning how to play the guitar.

There are, however, a few obstacles to overcome when embarking on the road to super lead guitar playing. Obstacles such as “What should I play over that chord?” or “Which scale do I use in that situation?”.

Those questions are actually quite usual. If you are lost when it comes to improvisation and lead guitar styles, do not panic! (Millions of other guitarists around the world are in exactly the same situation.)

That’s the exact reason why you need an expert guitar guide to light up the dark path and illuminate the way to successful, lead guitar performance.

Someone who can take you by the hand and show a step by step approach towards learning how to improvise successfully in ANY situation.

If you live in London, and this situation describes you – then you must join Stefan Joubert’s Ultimate Access course – designed to illuminate your path towards guitar success. Stefan Joubert is a world-renowned virtuoso guitarist with over 1 million YouTube views and an abundance of experience in Rock, Metal, Jazz, Blues, Classical and Tapping Guitar styles.

You cannot go wrong studying with such a master of the guitar.

If you live abroad, why not join a correspondence guitar course with the master himself? You will learn ten times faster than your local (often mediocre) guitar teacher via this unique long-distance guitar method. You will receive advice directly from the master guitarist, and your playing will skyrocket beyond your wildest dreams.

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