November 6, 2020

About the Author: Celine Gaurier-Joubert

Celine Gaurier-Joubert is a concert pianist and the artistic director of The London Guitar Institute.

How often did you watch your husband struggling to get a good sound out of his gorgeous Gibson guitar?

How often did you hear your brother complain about his inability to perform his favourite Metallica’s solos?

How often did you hear your dad trying to play alongside Queen without succeeding?

My last question to you: Do you know that there is a way to save their life and yours at the same time?

You have probably never thought of it but why not offering them a guitar lesson gift voucher for Christmas this year? Isn’t it a terrific idea?

If you continuously experience the same issue, it is probably a good thing to find a remedy!

Struggling guitarist

There is no reason why anyone should suffer the pain of not playing the guitar beautifully. No reason at all. As with any other skill, it must be studied to be mastered. Unfortunately, learning guitar by yourself often leads to frustration and disappointment. I am not telling you anything new since you might be reading this article for a reason.

I believe that you now have your Christmas present sorted for your family member who is secretly crying out for help.

He might or might not realise that the secret lays in getting an excellent guitar instructor. Approaching any guitarist or teacher would surely not be a good way to start since it could make the situation much worse than it already is.

Believe me or not – Learning the wrong techniques are more detrimental than not learning at all.

If your loved one lives in London, we will be delighted to welcome him at our lovely premises in the City of London. Otherwise, he is welcome to take his guitar lessons with us online.

I know that the concept of studying a musical instrument via Zoom, Skype or Facetime could seem a bit weird at first, but I can assure you that it works exceptionally well. Better than anyone would have imagined before giving it a go!

Christmas guitar lesson gift voucher

At The London Guitar Institute, we coach a large amount of adult amateur guitarists using the new technology, and they are all incredibly pleased with their guitar lessons.

Online or in-person really depends on your location. It doesn’t matter too much at present.

The most important is that you offer your loved one the most memorable Christmas gift he has ever received: A guitar lesson.

Now you might wonder “why doesn’t he seek help from a professional himself? It is not that complicated, isn’t it?”

Well, perhaps it is… Maybe he has never had the courage to take the first step, or he believes that one day, he will be able to solve his substantial technical problems on his own…

As the artistic director of The London Guitar Institute, I firmly believe that all guitar enthusiasts can become fantastic guitarists if they are guided and supported by exceptional guitar instructors.

We specialise in teaching adult amateur guitarists, from absolute beginners to advanced, so you can be assured that the bearer is in good hands.

We strictly work with the most excellent guitar teachers. They have not only been selected for their outstanding guitar performances but also for their incredible ability to pass their knowledge on and their welcoming personality.

When considering an experience over a physical gift, you could think that you are taking a risk, even if it sounds like a marvellous idea.

Let me comfort you. Science has proven on numerous occasions that experiences are the most valuable gifts. Why? Because the bearer looks forward to the experience for days, weeks or months before attending and keeps the memories with him forever.

Man dreaming about the future

It is similar to going on holiday.

Don’t you dream about it long in advance and keep the memories alive for years to come?

Let me tell you something. The only risk you take is that your dad, husband or brother will be a much better guitarist than he has ever been – just by attending one or a few lessons with us.

I am mentioning a few as you can choose between one, five, ten or twenty lessons, depending on your budget and intention. You can even enrol him for years if hope is almost lost!

So why don’t you do something special this year and choose a present that can make a huge difference in someone’s life? A gift that lasts forever.

Do you remember all the Christmas gifts you have had last year? Probably not. You see, we are all the same.

Honestly, the only one I remember of is a romantic dinner for two at The Ritz Hotel.

It confirms what science has proven!

I have now written enough, and it is time for you to make an inform decision before purchasing a guitar lesson gift voucher. I am sure that you would like a little bit more details about the offer at hand:

  • You are welcome to buy one, five, ten or twenty guitar lessons of 60 minutes each. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you would like a different arrangement.
  • His guitar lessons will either take place at our beautiful premises in the City of London near The Royal Court of Justice or via Zoom, Skype or Facetime if the bearer lives too far away.
  • We specialise in teaching adults, so you cannot find a more suitable guitar academy where the bearer could redeem his precious gift.
  • We are highly dedicated to all our guitar students, and we are proud to say that their progress is quite remarkable.
  • The bearer has seven months to redeem his voucher. There is no pressure. He can simply give us a call or email us when he is ready.
  • Our guitar lessons take place six days a week from early morning to late evening so there is no reason why we would not be able to find a space for the bearer to enjoy his guitar lesson(s).
  • We teach all styles, so we can help with electric, acoustic, classical or jazz guitar.
  • We believe in providing our guitar lessons in a relaxed and non-judgmental atmosphere as we think it is key to our students’ success. Which guitar lover would like to study in a stiff and patronising environment?

I believe I have given you most of the reasons why your loved one will have an extraordinary experience at The London Guitar Institute.

It is now your turn to make a beautiful gesture and bestow this incredible gift upon your favourite guitar lover!

For further information about our guitar lesson gift vouchers, please visit our gift voucher page or contact our manager Stefan at He is a world-class guitarist himself, so I am sure that he will be happy to answer any question you may have.

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