Refine your electric guitar playing with a top-notch guitar instructor

As an advanced electric guitar player, you already possess a brilliant technique that allows you to perform your favourite solos. You also have an excellent knowledge of scales and harmony which you are using during your improvisations. You can be called a proficient guitarist but you feel that there is still room for improvement.

At The London Guitar Institute, we welcome all advanced guitarists to enjoy the most outstanding advanced electric guitar lessons provided by guitarists and instructors who know how to transform your game thanks to their incredible understanding of the instrument.

Benefit from a tailored electric guitar instruction

Advanced electric guitar players have all developed an excellent overall technique, but each needs specific supervision to take their playing to a semi or professional level. Some require the help of an expert to improve their chord substitutions and enhance the underlying harmony. In contrast, others wish to develop their improvisation skills using the modes of the major, harmonic and melodic scales.

Whatever the aspects of your game you want to work on, your electric guitar instructor will be pleased to assist you and help you increase your abilities in a fantastic environment that can only inspire you!

At The London Guitar Institute, we wish all our electric guitar students to have a memorable experience and enjoy the most educational and fun advanced electric guitar lessons available in London.

Drastically improve your electric guitar playing and compete with the greatest

Brian May, Slash, Jimmy Page or Yngwie Malmsteen might sound like geniuses to you but you must always remember that they have studied for countless hours to become the legendary guitarists they are today.

By attending our excellent advanced electric guitar lessons, you will undoubtedly learn the techniques and secrets used by your heroes and learn how to practice in a manner that produces results.

We will show you how to get authority of your playing and become the fantastic guitarist you deserve to be without ever judging you. On the contrary, we will help you reach the stars in a non-judgmental environment that has been specifically created for adults.

Whoever your favourite electric guitarist is, we will show you how to imitate his game, create your own guitar sound and flourish immensely!

Two convenient locations in London serve the advanced electric guitarist

There are two locations for advanced electric guitarists in London to work on their craft.

Only 5 minutes from Chancery Lane station, in the heart of the City of London, you will be welcomed to our location in EC4.

You will also be happy to attend our prestigious facility in the heart of Mayfair W1 near Park Lane. It is one of the most exciting retail centres in the world.

Either of these great locations is easily accessible and handsomely presented.

You can access either location from all parts of London and in a variety of ways including a leisurely walk, a cab, or the nearest underground.

Budding musicians should have the finest accommodations available to them. The London Guitar Institute gives you that.

Select a professional-level course that is right for you

As an advanced electric guitarist, you are eligible for professional-level training at the London Guitar Institute. Lessons take place weekly at set times and days.

A one-time registration fee of £95 is due prior to starting your course.

Contact us today. Become the best electric guitarist that you can possibly be!

As an advanced electric guitarist in London, you have already shown a high level of skill. If you want to push yourself to the professional level, you should have the best training available.

Now is a critical time for you. Choosing the right electric guitar teacher in London will make all the difference in the world.

To get started, please contact Stefan Joubert at

You can also contact us at 020 7127 0717.

Or you can make an enquiry using the form below. We will reply within 1-2 working days.

We look forward to working with you to begin the journey. Become a proud member of the London Guitar Institute, and we will help you become the professional electric guitarist you want to be.

I really thought I was pretty good before I saw Hendrix, and then I thought: Yeah, not so good.

Brian May

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