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Become the great guitar player you always dreamed of being with high-quality guitar lessons in Covent Garden. The guitar is an incredibly beautiful and versatile instrument; whether you long to be up on stage rocking it like Brian May, or dream of playing the classic Asturias just like the great John Williams, your first step should be signing up to take guitar lessons with an experienced and professional teacher.

Here at the London Guitar Institute near Covent Garden, our master tutor Stefan Joubert can guide you on your way to becoming a highly proficient and sensitive guitar player whatever genre or style you’re interested in.

Guitar lessons for all ages and abilities

No matter who you are, how old you are, or what level of musical understanding you have, guitar lessons here with us at the London Guitar Faculty for Adults will help shape you into the best guitarist possible in a professional, friendly and enjoyable way!

There is often a misconception that learning an instrument when you are older will be too hard or even impossible. Whilst the young have an uncanny ability to pick up new skills quickly and often a large amount of time on their hands for practising, these are only advantages and not necessary attributes for learning to play the guitar. Desire and dedication go a long way – add this to high-quality guitar lessons from a master guitar tutor and there is no level of guitar playing you can’t reach!

Perfect practice makes perfect

We guarantee that our guitar lessons in Covent Garden will help you to drastically improve your guitar skills as long as you dedicate time to practising. Don’t worry though, you will be given full guidance on how to practise effectively for, whilst it’s certainly true that practice makes perfect, the way you are practising is also a key factor. You could spend hours each day playing but if it isn’t effective and structured practice then it may be of little value.

Part of the tuition we provide will be creating a tailor-made learning and practice programme to ensure that every minute you spend learning will be worthwhile and result in incredible progress! Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, needs and ambitions, and therefore it is essential to have a learning environment that is personalised to you.

So you can rest assured that all time you make for practice will result in incredible improvements and this in itself will motivate you to keep on dedicating your time and hard work to becoming an excellent guitarist.

Secrets to guitar success

We don’t believe in keeping guitar secrets to ourselves! Enrol in guitar lessons in Covent Garden with Stefan Joubert and you will become part of a small group of learners who have access to his years of knowledge and experience. He will reveal secrets of learning and playing that very few guitarists out there know!

High-quality guitar lessons in London

Get access to simply the best guitar lessons London has to offer in our City/Holborn studio, which is located near Chancery Lane, only a 5-minute taxi ride from Covent Garden WC2.

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