If you are a beginner blues guitarist in London, learn to play the blues with a master teacher in London!

You are a beginner blues guitarist looking for beginner blues guitar lessons, and you enjoy the rhythmic patterns of blues music and the improvisations it offers. You want to learn how to play the blues on your own.

Blues music is a derivation of jazz and provides a strong influence on other genres like rock and roll, country and metal. But is a style all its own. It’s a style of self-expression and storytelling.

The blues took hold through the heartfelt songs of Muddy Waters, B.B. King, John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy, and other pioneers. They showed that the blues style is more than music. It is an expression of feelings – sorrow and sadness, happiness and joy.

Learning how to use the blues to express your feelings can be a difficult task for a beginner blues guitarist in London.

But it can also be enjoyable if taught in the right way and by the right teacher.

Stefan Joubert is the founder of the London Guitar Institute and is a master teacher. He has studied under some of the great guitarists. He knows that learning blues guitar is both challenging and exciting and he shares his music appreciation with you.

The London Guitar Institute has been working with beginner blues guitarists just like you in providing high-quality blues guitar lessons in central London (Mayfair and the City), and it allows its students to progress at their own individual rates.

The London Guitar Institute will teach you the blues guitar style you love to play

The London Guitar Institute for beginner blues guitarists is the best place to learn the different styles of blues guitar. From the fusion of blues to ragtime and jazz to traditional country blues and more polished urban blues, the music reflects a wide range of emotions.

From the Deep South blues of the 1900s in the United States to the British blues of the 1960s, to the Castilian blues in 1970s Argentina, the sweet sound is universal.

Stefan Joubert and other teachers are well schooled in all forms of guitar music. In the genre of blues music, Stefan can talk to you about the masters in the field and show you some of the unique stylists who contributed to its growth.

There have been many great blues guitarists, like Robert Johnson and his Delta blues, Stevie Ray Vaughan and his shuffling Texas blues, and the slick style of B.B. King.

Jimi Hendrix is known for his “fuzzy” style blues. The Allman Brothers and ZZ Top play blues-style music. Modern blues artists include Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Joe Bonamassa, Susan Tedeschi, and Robert Cray.

Whatever legend you have followed as a beginner blues guitarist, you can learn more from Stefan at the London Guitar Institute.

The London Guitar Institute is designed for adult learners. Here you can concentrate on the knowledge and techniques you need and learn at your own pace from a dedicated teacher.

And when you are ready, as a beginner blues guitarist at the London Guitar Institute, you will be given the opportunity to perform in your own concert with peers – and without judgement.

It’s your chance to perform on stage, just like your blues guitar idols.

Stefan Joubert will teach you the beginner blues guitar techniques you need to have

If you want to learn to play blues guitar, you need a good foundation and a good start.
The London Guitar Institute provides lessons that take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

What are some of the things you will learn as a beginner blues guitarist in London? You will learn the importance of body posture and the best way to hold the guitar.

You will learn the difference between notes and chords and learn the 12-bar blues progression.
You’ll learn blues guitar scale shapes and how to choose blues notes.

You will learn string bending, hybrid picking and snap, slap and rake techniques. You will learn minor blues and soloing with chords.

As a beginner blues guitarist in London, you will enjoy the experience of learning to play your favourite instrument. Learning can and should be fun.

Two convenient locations welcome beginner blues guitarists in London

There are two great and convenient locations for blues guitarists in London.

Only 100 meters from St. Paul’s Cathedral, in the heart of London, you will be welcomed to our location in EC4. You will also be happy to attend our prestigious facility in the heart of Mayfair W1 near Park Lane. It is one of the most exciting retail centres in the world.

Either of these great locations is easily accessible and handsomely presented.

You can access either location from all parts of London and in a variety of ways including a leisurely walk, a cab, or the nearest underground.

Budding musicians should have the finest accommodations available to them. The London Guitar Institute gives you that.

Select a course that is right for you

As a beginner blues guitarist, you are immediately eligible for training at the London Guitar Institute. There are no pre-requirements. Lessons take place weekly at set times and days.

A one-time registration fee of £95 is due prior to starting your course.

Contact us today to start your journey

Whether you know little or nothing about blues guitar but are interested and want to learn more, we can help you discover your level of skill and potential for growth.

To get started, please contact Stefan Joubert at enrol@londonguitarinstitute.co.uk

You can also contact us at 020 7127 0717.

Or you can make an enquiry using the form below. We will reply within 1-2 working days.

We look forward to working with you to begin the journey. Become a proud member of the London Guitar Institute, and we will help you become the blues guitarist you want to be!

The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.

B.B King

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