Choosing a guitar teacher

What Sort of String Action Is Appropriate For You?


What Is The ‘Action’? The action is a very important factor on a players guitar as it has a huge affect on how the instrument feels to play. The action is the height between the strings and the fretboard of the guitar, with a higher action requiring more strength to push the strings down to produce a clear note. Generally this means that the higher the action, the harder the guitar is to play. It is a fine balance though, meaning a lower action is not always better. Different musical styles will demand a different setup on the instrument to cater [...]

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The shocking truth told at last – 90% chance of failure… Unless you study with a great guitar teacher


Finally, you can discover the shocking truth. 90% Of all new learners fail to achieve their goals. The reason for this is sub-par guitar tuition! That is why you can not allow this to happen to you. The guitar mentor you select for your weekly guitar lessons will have a lasting impact for the rest of your life that. You simply cannot take things lightly. You do not want to learn bad technique and have to relearn the guitar. That is effort time and money lost. Save money, save time and learn with the best from day one! You can take [...]

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Your guitar instructor: Stefan Joubert


Master Guitar Instructor: Internationally Renowned Guitar Virtuoso, Stefan Joubert Stefan Joubert started learning the guitar at an early age. He originally started learning blues and rock to emulate his favourite guitarists. At high school, he formed, played and sang in a couple of rock/pop bands at private parties and functions. He also started writing meaningful songs and recorded his first rock debut called “Megalorealist” (Stefan Joubert – Vocals, Guitar and Andrew Lester on Bass and Production). From the age, of 15 Stefan Joubert studied classical guitar under Abri Jordaan in South Africa and completed his studies in the mastery of the [...]

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Why you need a great guitar instructor


By working alongside a great guitar instructor, your guitar playing will develop much faster than learning by yourself. In this video, you will discover why you need a great instructor to help you become the guitarist you have always wanted to become. Find out why being self-taught is not actually such a glorious achievement and why a guitar instructor (worth his or her salt) will help you tremendously in your guitar development journey! Watch out for the dangers of selecting a 'mobile guitar instructor' based on convenience and why it is usually better to go to an instructor's guitar teaching studio. [...]

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How to choose a guitar teacher


In this video, Stefan Joubert discusses the vital aspect of how to choose a guitar teacher in London. Learning the guitar can be an arduous task. Learning with the wrong instructor is simply a nightmare! Avoid mistakes and bad decisions, by following the advice given by Stefan Joubert in this video on choosing an appropriate guitar instructor for you! Make thorough research and the right decisions from the start of your guitar journey to become an awesome guitarist!

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