Playing guitar in a band

The Importance of Rhythm Guitar


Rhythm Guitar is The Glue! So we all love a good bit of lead guitar. Slash’s “Sweet Child ‘O Mine” guitar solos, Angus Young’s iconic solos during “Back In Black”, and Kirk Hammett’s shredding in “Enter Sandman”. But one thing that all these great songs and guitar solos have in common is that they all possess a great rhythm guitarist keeping the whole thing together. Guns ’N Roses have Izzy Stradlin playing a mix of arpeggiated open chords and thick distorted powerchords throughout Slash’s guitar solos, AC/DC have Malcom Young rocking away on those classic rock open chords, and Metallica [...]

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Playing in a band for the first time


You’ve been playing the guitar for a while now, but instead of it being a solo venture in the comfort of your own home, you’re ready to get out there and jam with some other musicians. Learn about playing in a band for the first time! If you’ve never played in a band setting before, there are a few more aspects that now come into play that you may not have had to think about when you were jamming by yourself at home. The first big difference to consider when playing in a band is to listen to each other! This [...]

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Tips for playing guitar in a band


Playing guitar in a band requires a different skillset from playing solo guitar. You need to listen to the musicians around you. You need to be aware and be sensitive as well as be willing to support the most important parts of the musical composition. Often when playing in a jazz band, great guitarists will refrain from playing low-end chords to avoid getting in the foot of the pianist. As a guitarist, you need to understand the subject of arranging to a certain extent in order to complement the others in the band! It really does not matter if you play [...]

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