November 23, 2016

About the Author: Stefan Joubert

Stefan Joubert manager of London Guitar Institute is passionate about adult education. He believes that absolutely anyone can learn to play the guitar and it is just a matter of getting good education and getting started.

When starting from scratch with guitar lessons in London, you may believe that the only songs you can play quickly are those of the nursery rhyme variety. In fact, guitar tuition has come a long way since many learned the first chords in a noisy lesson in primary school and you can expect to play some contemporary tunes that will impress your peers within hours. Find some cool easy guitar songs to learn for beginners that you can learn as a beginner guitarist!

You only need to learn the first three chords in order to strum some popular songs that will have everyone singing along. Here is a small selection of just some of the iconic tunes you could play after you’ve enjoyed just one or two lessons with guitar lessons London, Mayfair.

Using just the E, A and D Chords, moving up to the minor chords of the same, so including A minor, E minor and D minor.

Elvis Presley


  • That’s Alright Mama
  • Hound Dog

Elvis’ songs are still very popular today. They’re timeless and as soon as you play one, anyone within an immediate vicinity will recognise the tune.

  • Pulp- Common People
  • OMC- How Bizarre
  • Dire Straits – Walk of Life
  • Bob Marley- Three Little Birds
  • Blondie – Tide is High
  • The Mavericks – Dance the Night Away
  • Kasey Musgraves – Blowing Smoke
  • The Artic Monkeys 505
  • Maroon 5 – Moves Like Mick Jagger

Stefan Joubert teaching guitar in London

If there is a particular song you’d like to play, a song that means something to you or a loved one, tell me. We can make that our target as you learn how to become an expert guitar player through our one to one lessons in Mayfair.

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Tags: Beginner guitar music, Easy guitar songs to learn, Guitar music, Guitar songs for beginners