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Are you looking for the highest quality rock guitar lessons London has to offer?

Do you seriously want to improve your rock guitar playing and FINALLY become the rock guitarist you have always dreamed of becoming?

Are you tired of being stuck at the same level for far too long now?

Do you want to go beyond just playing the pentatonic scale and basic rock licks?

In your weekly rock guitar lessons with Stefan Joubert, you will notice SERIOUS PROGRESS on a weekly basis.

Your rock guitar technique will skyrocket, your sound will improve and your knowledge of the instrument will increase beyond your wildest imagination.

On the condition that you practice on a regular basis your rock guitar dreams will become reality.  Finally you can become the rock guitarist you have always wanted to become.

Here are some aspects of the guitar that we will take a look at during your rock guitar lessons in London:

  • Right-Hand Rock Guitar Technique
  • Left-Hand Rock Guitar Technique
  • Rock Guitar 101 – Understanding Your Guitar Neck
  • Rock Guitar Sweep Picking
  • Rock Guitar Timing
  • Understanding Major And Minor Harmony for Rock Guitar
  • Mastering the Modes
  • Mastering Rock Guitar
  • Picking at the Speed of Light
  • Rock Guitar Practice Routine
  • How to Make Massive Progress in Your Rock Guitar Development
  • Knowledge of the Instrument
  • Rock Guitar Repertoire
  • Rock Guitar – Guitar Tapping
  • How to Become the Best Rock Guitarist
  • How to Get to the Next Level
  • Rock Guitar String Skipping
  • The Secrets of Rock Guitar Improvisation

Learn rock guitar with Stefan Joubert of the London Guitar Institute

Master instructor Stefan Joubert

With the arrival of the amplifier in 1930 and the fuzz box around the 1960 Rock ‘n Roll was born!

With this mixture of African influences (The Blues) and the Backbeat a new “free” style was born.

The Beatles took the world by storm in the 60s and music changed forever.

Over time more effects were added to the guitar’s toolbox changing the fuzz box to distortion and the double bluesy stops to bends and licks. With the arrival of Led Zepplin music was pushed to it’s limits and guitar solos become as important as the band’s frontman and vocalist.

Learning how to play rock guitar is VERY EXCITING, it can give you an adrenaline rush and release a LOT OF WORK-RELATED STRESS! (especially if you turn up the amplifier and let loose!)

Our head guitar teacher Stefan Joubert is a top-notch guitarist who will teach you how to play rock guitar in the most effective method possible. You will be hard-pressed to find a similar quality guitar teacher in Europe.

Book your rock guitar course today:

Classes take place at his private guitar studio Mayfair near Park Lane or in the City of London. All levels (beginners to advanced) are accepted and welcomed into his private guitar programs.

If you want to get to the next level in your rock guitar playing and finally become the rock guitarist that you’ve always wanted to be, get in touch to book the best rock guitar lessons London has to offer:

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“Sometimes you want to give up the guitar, you’ll hate the guitar. But if you stick with it, you’re gonna be rewarded.”

Jimi Hendrix

We offer out-of-this-world rock guitar courses for all levels in London. See the following pages to find out more:

Beginner Rock Guitarist

Beginner Rock Guitar Lessons

Are you a beginner looking to learn rock guitar in London?

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Intermediate rock guitarist

Intermediate Rock Guitar Lessons

Are you looking to massively improve your guitar playing, speed and technique using proven and effective methods designed by master guitarist Stefan Joubert?

Find out more about our intermediate rock guitar lessons in London here

Advanced rock guitarist

Advanced Rock Guitar Lessons

Would you like to become the best advanced rock guitarist that you can possibly be?

Do you FINALLY want to break through and get rid of bad habits and sloppy technique?

To do so now, find out more about our advanced rock guitar lessons in London here