How to get started with Jazz Guitar


Discover how to get started with jazz guitar: First of all, getting started with jazz guitar requires you to get your basic guitar knowledge and skills under wrap. Jazz guitar is a specific genre of guitar playing, so you need to learn how to play the guitar in general before you can teach yourself jazz guitar. If you are already fortunate enough to play the guitar, you can now add the jazz style to your competency. You will probably soon find out that your present ability on the guitar is not nearly good enough to do jazz as an “add-on” [...]

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Five cool ii V I jazz licks for guitar


The term “ii V I” (two, five, one) refers to a chord progression often used in many styles of music, especially in jazz. The numbers refer to the chords in the key that you are playing this chord progression, meaning the ii is the chord off of the second note of the scale, the V is the chord off of the fifth note, and the I is the chord off of the first note of the scale. The roman numerals tell us if the chord is major or minor, lower case representing a minor chord and upper case showing major. This [...]

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