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How to Play Rhythm Guitar in a Band


Often overlooked, the art of being a great rhythm guitarist is so much more than strumming chords and having to be quieter than the lead guitarist. It’s actually the rhythm guitarist that has the skill of gluing the band together and giving impact to their sound. So how do you play rhythm guitar in a band? Study the greats A logical place to start when trying to get good at rhythm guitar is to study great rhythm players from great bands that you admire. Although many of these are names that you will know from some of the biggest bands of [...]

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From Garage to Stage: Tips for Starting a Band


Hey future rockstars! Are you ready to transform your humble garage into a powerhouse stage that echoes with the thunderous sound of your music? It's time to grab your guitars, crank up the amps, and let's dive into some of the coolest tips to kickstart your band and set the world on fire! Remember, some of the greatest rock legends started their musical journey right in their garages, honing their craft and creating magic that would resonate for generations. Take, for instance, the iconic rock band U2, formed in Dublin when the members were still teenagers. These guys didn't wait [...]

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