Guitar improvisation

How to Learn Songs by Ear on the Guitar


Listen to the bass! Learning songs by ear is a lot of fun, and a skill that will come in extremely handy for you both at home for your own enjoyment and in jam sessions/rehearsals when you need to be able to pick things up quickly without TAB’s or sheet music. When starting off on your ear training journey, keep things simple and try to learn a simple four-chord-song that will have pretty straightforward information for you to transcribe. Let’s take “With Or Without You” by U2 as our first example. This will use the same four chords the entire way [...]

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How to improvise on the guitar


How to improvise on the guitar. Find out why it is a lot easier than you think. Grab your favourite axe and try out the licks in the article - have a WHOLE LOT OF FUN! This little guide is aimed at beginners wanting to learn how to improvise on the electric guitar. First things first... The electric guitar is a fantastic instrument. It is an instrument that has taken the world by storm, set youth free and stages across the world alight! Learning how to improvise successfully on the electric guitar requires some study and practice. You can learn how [...]

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