Guitar technique

The importance of playing and saying


Learning and mastering the guitar's fretboard is an arduous task. It requires tremendous concentration over extended periods of time and pig-headed determination to truly master the guitar's fretboard. The fastest way in my opinion to master the neck is to say and play whatever you are busy learning at the moment. As an example, let's say you are memorising all the E minor/major 7 arpeggios across the guitar neck. I would recommend learning the arpeggios in each of the five natural positions of the guitar. Whilst playing the arpeggio, I would recommend saying the degrees such as 5th, 7th, root, minor [...]

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7 Steps to developing a great right hand technique


WARNING: Never push your right hand technique if your hands ache. Take proper breaks and frequent breaks. Please see advice on the following website: Why I have set out to write this article: It is my experience that tons of guitarists have more (speed-related) problems with their right hand than with their left. One of the reasons for this is the fact that most guitarists tend to look at their left hand and not at their right picking hand. It is frustrating to see so little attention being paid to good right-hand technique. It is my desire that you will be [...]

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How to make your guitar sing! – secrets from Frederic Chopin


Frederic Chopin is perhaps the most lyrical, melodic composer for piano ever. He was a genius at composing for the piano and had the ability to incorporate melodic songlike vocal qualities into his piano melodies. His piano compositions always had a vocal quality associated with them. Chopin's advice to fellow pianists and piano enthusiasts was that they should listen to Bellini (the Bel Canto style). He explained that the piano should be touched to create a song like quality! His advice is spot on and you should listen to a little bit of Bellini in order to develop the MUCH-NEEDED vocal [...]

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