July 11, 2012

About the Author: Stefan Joubert

Stefan Joubert manager of London Guitar Institute is passionate about adult education. He believes that absolutely anyone can learn to play the guitar and it is just a matter of getting good education and getting started.

The guitar has countless possibilities and methods of playing!

It can be a haunting instrument as well as a loud screaming noise! (and everything in between)

It’s got so much potential and offer its students an eternity of guitar pleasure!

Now let’s take a look at some of the benefits of learning the guitar:

It’s a portable instrument

Unlike a piano, the guitar is an extremely portable instrument, and you can play it whenever and wherever you are! You can take it with you when you travel! You can take it with you to hotels. You can take it with you on business trips. It’s a wonderful world of portability.

(I am aware that some companies produce small electronic keyboards. Although this is useful for practising purposes, they will never achieve the same sound quality as a real piano. When travelling with your guitar, you can take the real thing along. It, therefore, has a massive advantage when it comes to portability)

It will raise your popularity among your peers

It’s a fact of life.

Playing an instrument makes you popular! It makes you a far more interesting person for colleagues and friends. People be fascinated by you!

And hey, who doesn’t want to be popular?

Even introverts want others to like them and acknowledge their presence.

Playing the guitar will increase your popularity!

It’ll make you the talk of the town! (Or at least your workplace)

You will be respected for being able to do something that none of your colleagues can do! (But secretly wish they could)

It helps relieve stress

Research has proven that millions of pounds each year are being spent on stress reduction therapy. Did you know that the guitar is extremely therapeutic?

It’ll take you away from the world of stress, anxiety and overwork to a world of music, dreams and happiness!

In short – learning the guitar relieves stress!

It provides a fun and creative outlet!

Playing the guitar is a lot of fun! Once you’ve gone beyond the basics and reached a reasonable level, it becomes a bundle of joy!

Here are some facts:

People who have fun, perform better at their careers than those without.

They live longer (on aggregate), and they tend to be nicer people to be around.

Now let’s set the scene:

Imagine a social warm summer evening with your best friends. You are all having fun around a glass of wine, enjoying each other’s company and talking about anything and everything. Suddenly, you take out your guitar, and everyone applauds you: “Maestro Maestro…”

You then perform one composition after another delighting your friends!

At the end of the performance, your best friend brings you a drink and congratulates you on your performance. You become the talk of the evening. Everyone is fascinated by you! You receive at least 10 compliments, even compliments from people you don’t really know!

The truth is – this could be you!!!

It will increase your IQ

It’s a scientific fact that learning the guitar makes you smarter. Studies done by world-renowned scientists reveal that you actually raise your IQ just by learning the guitar!

It will develop your character

Warren Buffett states that a good character is paramount. Whether we talk about investing, your career or just your life – learning the guitar will teach you wisdom and shape your character.

Learning a difficult passage will require a tremendous amount of perseverance and patience. By persevering you will become a great guitar player! This skill will be transferred over to your personal life and career making you more successful (in all areas of your life)!

It will improve your self-esteem

Once you can play the guitar, your confidence levels will rise. You will have a higher self-esteem and raised confidence. This will help you in every situation in your life. You will be better at your career and all areas of your life – thanks to learning the guitar!

You’ll get to meet new friends

Once you’ve conquered the basics of guitar playing, a whole new world of possibilities has just opened for you!

You can jam at open mike nights, play with other “like-minded” musical colleagues and really develop your playing.

You will get to meet new and exciting people.

In short, your life becomes interesting!

If you feel after reading this article, that you want to learn how to play the guitar. Why don’t you learn with a top-notch virtuoso guitar teacher from day one? You will learn the correct techniques and make faster progress. Learning with the wrong teacher can be actually harmful to your progress. Make sure you select a high-quality instructor!

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Tags: Advantages of learning the guitar, Guitar is beneficial