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London Guitar Institute Review with Leona Pei

1. Could you introduce yourself and tell us why you have decided to take guitar
lessons with The London Guitar Institute?

I’m a foreign student, currently doing a degree in London. I’ve always had a strong
interest in music and just passed ABRSM theory exams, so that I thought I should study
an instrument in order to apply the knowledge in practice.
Guitar is definitely my first choice. I did ample of research on the internet. London
Guitar Institute is located in a perfect place and the website is designed very attractive.
So I sent an email to the office, got responded very quickly.

2. Why would you recommend learning the guitar with Stefan Joubert?

I tried to have classes with some teachers before. I would definitely recommend Stefan Joubert.
Firstly, he is the one of the most organised teachers I’ve experienced. Secondly, He explains
everything into details when I have questions. In addition, the course material he designed is
very structured. I feel that it is always easier to learn when there’s a pattern to follow.

3. What would you say to absolute beginners who would like to learn how to play, but feel uncomfortable
due to the fact that they’ve never played before?

I’m an absolute beginner myself. It is part of human nature that people are uncomfortable of doing
something they are unfamiliar with. As long as you try to stretch your comfort zone and take action,
a door will open for you. You will experience a completely different world and meet more interesting people.

4. What is your favourite aspect of learning the guitar with Stefan Joubert?

My favourite aspect of learning with Stefan is that he is very patient and very organised.
He is a very experienced musician. Some experienced musicians can play their
instrument perfectly, but are unable to explain it to beginners. But Stefan is different, he
not only can master his instrument, but also can teach in a very understandable way.

5. Do you enjoy the periodic social events and student concerts at the London
Guitar Institute?

I haven’t been to any of the social events yet, but I will definitely attend the next available
one. (Editoral note: Leona joined our guitar course 2 weeks after our March 2012 social event.
We provide a social event/ student concert each quarter)

6. Would you recommend learning an instrument for other professionals in the
City and around London and does it reduce work-related stress?

Yes, I would highly recommend learning an instrument for others.
It indeed helps me to boost up energy level when I’m back to study and reduces stress.