7 Tips For Learning The Guitar As An Adult


Take Lessons! Adults need a bit of encouragement the same way that kids do, or even more when trying to find the motivation around work and family commitments! Taking regular lessons with a great tutor will keep you motivated and give you weekly tasks to work on to constantly encourage you to pick up the guitar at home. I always say to my students that the key to seeing progress is short but frequent bursts of practice. This can be incredibly hard to do on your own accord, so the thought of turning up to your weekly lessons and making an [...]

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How the blues is relevant in popular music


What is Blues? Blues music is an incredibly important genre to discuss not only for its timeless and instantly recognisable sound, but for its influence on the styles that would follow after its birth in the mid to late 1800s. This occurred around the time of theAmerican civil war, created by African-American slaves who worked in plantations and fields in the South of the USA. This music was sung in the form of call and response style chants, which would be a way to boost morale in the tough living and working conditions as a slave. Musically these chants were simple [...]

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Getting started on the classical guitar


Learning to play an instrument is one of the most enriching things you can do! For some it is a skill for self-development, whilst for others it can be a healthy form of escapism that promotes creativity and self-discipline. Whether you have decided to pick up the classical guitar for the first time or following a break, it can be an overwhelming world to step in to. This article is here to explain how easy it can be and lists the things you need to get started! A decent instrument and teacher You will need an instrument of course. It is [...]

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Using YouTube to develop your guitar skills


There are claims that you can learn anything using YouTube. All you need is an internet connection and some time to view the videos. Many new people who want to learn the guitar often start by watching YouTube tutorials and it can be a fun, inexpensive way to learn a few basics. There are reasons why many of my students prefer one on one tuition to YouTube. While YouTube is great as an introduction, most students find they learn a lot more in one hour with me than they do spending days on YouTube searching for the ideal YouTube tutorial. Here [...]

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Why you are never too old to learn how to play the guitar as an adult


In this video, Stefan Joubert debunks the myth that adults cannot learn how to play the guitar properly. Find out why you are never too old to learn how to play the guitar! The facts are that with great guitar education, a solid practice schedule and hard work, you can achieve all that you set out to achieve with the instrument! It is, however, vital to take top-notch guitar instruction with a solid mentor who can help you become the guitarist that you've always want to be! Make your boldest dreams come true and take that leap of faith to achieve [...]

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5 Myths about learning the guitar


Some people can pick up the guitar and learn it really fast. For others, it can take a lot of time and effort. There is no one quick fix to learning how to play the guitar and everyone learns at a different pace. This is why adult guitar lessons are designed to fit around your level and the time required to master the basics. We want to dispel some myths about playing the guitar and show you that even if you have never picked one up before you can still benefit from having a guitar tutor in W1. #1 You Need [...]

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What it takes to be a great guitar student


If you really want to EXCEL at your guitar playing, then the key lies in being a great guitar student. By really LISTENING to your guitar instructor, you will make MASSIVE, LASTING progress and learn in the quickest method possible. Learning the guitar takes time... music takes time... our brains need time to understand the complete picture. By being a great guitar student, you will BEAT time and become better at playing the guitar SO MUCH FASTER. In this awesome video, Stefan Joubert explains what it takes to be a great guitar student and become great at playing the guitar!

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Learning how to play the guitar as an adult


In my private teaching, I often come across many adults who are simply passionate about learning how to play the guitar. Despite the fact that they have to work long hours in stressful and demanding jobs, passionate adult guitar students always find a way to practice. This is one of the reasons why I love teaching adults. Adults make a tremendous effort and spent an enormous amount of energy on a weekly basis to master and practice their instrument. The most incredible thing is, adults who play the guitar for their pleasure can often with enough practice (eventually) become professional guitarists. [...]

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Why you need to just get started to become a successful guitarist!


Discover why getting started is essential to becoming a successful guitarist. Learn how to let go of fears and make your musical dreams come true! Life happens to all of us... We all experience a fast pace, way-too-busy form of existence, ESPECIALLY if we live in London, Tokyo or NYC! The secret is not to let that phase you! You need to take control of things that matter to you. Things like seriously improving your guitar playing. Every day that goes by without you practising and developing your musicality, is simply another wasted day. Being passionate is VERY very important and [...]

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Learning how to play the guitar is beneficial!


The guitar has countless possibilities and methods of playing! It can be a haunting instrument as well as a loud screaming noise! (and everything in between) It's got so much potential and offer its students an eternity of guitar pleasure! Now let's take a look at some of the benefits of learning the guitar: It's a portable instrument Unlike a piano, the guitar is an extremely portable instrument, and you can play it whenever and wherever you are! You can take it with you when you travel! You can take it with you to hotels. You can take it with you [...]

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