Learning to play the guitar

The Phrygian Dominant Scale


Phygrian Dominant Mode - Phrygian Major Third The top 10 scales of many guitarists including Yngwie Malmsteen One of the most fascinating scales that we as guitarists love to play is the Phygrian major third mode. It's a classic scale that is featured on various rock metal and flamenco records (amongst others). It's a favourite scale of Yngwie Malmsteen and various other guitarists. What makes the Phrygian Major Third? The Phrygian major third mode is a scale that finds its origins in either the third mode of the major scale or the 5th mode of the relative minor key. (Using harmonic [...]

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Guitar and War


"GUITAR AND WAR" The art of being prepared. “Proper preparation prevents poor performance.” Have you ever been in the situation where you had to improvise on the spot, and your solo did not work out quite as you have expected? I have. (Anyone claiming they never have an adverse solo day is simply lying. We all have at times even the best of us). A lot of intermediate and semi-advanced guitarists have troubles improvising with confidence, primarily due to a lack of knowledge. Your knowledge of the guitar, neck, repertoire of leads and lines and understanding of theory (e.g. the 9th [...]

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Motivation is the biggest key to learning how to play a musical instrument


Learning how to play an instrument is not that much different to learning how to do anything else. You don't need a tremendous amount of talent, skill and ability. You do need proper motivation and an excellent teacher if you want to learn how to play correctly. The biggest misconception about learning music is that children learn much faster than adults. This is simply not true. Children tend to pick things up reasonably quickly, but remember they have no external stress in their lives. Most children are not concerned about making money, paying bills, investing money, looking after their family, booking [...]

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Playing music should be fun!


What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about your playing music? If it’s, – “I can’t stand it” or “boy we go again” or “hard work” then it’s time you ask yourself some profound questions about why you are "feeling" this way about your instrument. Music should first and foremost, be a fun and enjoyable experience. Learning how to play an instrument should be fun! I know from experience that time and effort is required to enjoy true freedom on your instrument. But it’s tremendously essential to make the journey a process full of fun and [...]

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