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Rhythm Guitar Lessons

Always wanted to learn how to play proper rhythm guitar?

It’s fascinating to see so many lead players struggle to strum a rhythmic pattern in time with a band. The function of the rhythm guitarist, bassist, and the drummer is to lay down the rhythmic and harmonic foundations for the soloists of the band. (whether this is a vocal line or, in fact, a guitar solo)

This is called homophonic music, where there is a main melody and a rhythmic backing supporting that melody.

Your role is to support the lead instruments. It’s a bit like the backs in Rugby – they have to play a proper defense position to support the Forwards in scoring a try.

The first thing a rhythm guitarist has to learn is the concept of time and punctuality! Playing in time – each and every time. Being solid is much better than being smart when you have to support the band.

The next step in the agenda is learning rhythmical patterns, called strumming patterns in guitar playing.

The advanced rhythm guitarist (or Comper in Jazz) needs an excellent understanding of harmony and movement of the chord progression in order to substitute and manipulate chords and create tension and release that will give the lead the best opportunity of success!

At the London Guitar Institute, we will teach you how to play SOLID AND CONSISTENT rhythm guitar with our expert teacher Stefan Joubert.

A glance at the exciting rhythmic guitar concepts that you will learn: (depending upon your level and style)

  • An in-depth understanding of time
  • Basic strumming patterns
  • Complex strumming patterns
  • Polyrhythms
  • Understanding basic chord progressions
  • Understanding the 12-Bar Blues (Minor and Major keys)
  • Understanding complex chord progressions (Jazz and Classical)
  • Forming your own chords
  • Chord Substitution
  • Chord Embellishment
  • Superimposition
  • Jazz Comping
  • Blues Comping
  • Rock Guitar Rhythms
  • Metal Guitar Rhythms
  • Acoustic Guitar Rhythms and Patterns
  • Classical Guitar Accompaniment

Classes take place at our private guitar studio in EC2 near Liverpool and Old Street stations. All levels (beginners to advanced) are accepted and welcomed into our private guitar programs.

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